A Whangarei Travel Company website gets a Web Design Boost from 1768Degrees.Com

A Whangarei Travel Company website gets a Web Design Boost from 1768Degrees.Com - web design boost from 1768degrees com 02 -

Yay! We’re featured in the NZ herald for the amazing website we did with Travel and Cruise HQNow that’s just awesome news! 

Entrepreneur Shannell Christmas quips that her travel website at first was very basic, “I had done it myself and I’m no web designer.” But now looking at the work done by 1768Degrees.com, her website is poised to dominate the local travel niche, building a strong web presence on booking New Zealand holidays. The travel website created by 1768Degrees.com is coded with everything she needs to be responsive to clients. 

Meeting with 1768Degrees.com CEO, Adam Worley just before the lockdown proved serendipitous as Shannell’s travel business opened just before Covid-19 hit.  

A Whangarei Travel Company website gets a Web Design Boost from 1768Degrees.Com - 1768 degrees founder adam worley -

Adam Worley of 1768degrees.com said,when I heard the plight of local Travel and Cruise experShannell Christmas, I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. To open a business at any time is daunting, but to see your sector decimated following a global pandemic would be heartbreaking and troubling. Knowing that our team could help and offer a glimmer of hope meant I had to rebuild her site for FREE! We took the same love and care as we would with any client, and we soon realised that to pivot her business we needed to build out her site from our anticipated plan to cover all areas of NZ. We are delighted Shannell was happy. 

1768degrees.com has also committed to meeting the hosting costs of the newly built website until the travel industry returns to normal. This will give Shannell and her travel business the needed boost during Covid-19.

No one can truly say when the pandemic may end, but it might be awhile before international travel and cruising are back, and with a new website in place, Sharon can make the most with her business and adapt to the new needs of her customers. 

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Right now we’re all facing uncertainty due to the COVID-19 crisis. But closing your doors need not be the only option for your business. In this era of social distancing, having a website is an effective means to maintain product sales and access new customers.  

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