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Social Media Management Whangarei: Go Social with 1768Degrees.com

Social Media Management Whangarei: Go Social with 1768Degrees.com

People spend a great deal of their time on Social Media. In fact, there are over 3.2 billion social media users worldwide.

Is your brand on all the important digital platforms? That’s the best way you can engage with your customers, and create a brand presence that’s truly felt every time they go online.

Be on their social feed when it matters.

Do you know the social media peak hours in Whangarei? Or more importantly the peak hours your customers are on your social media pages?

We do. We can help you reach new audiences.

Social media remains one of the most indelible and powerful tools online.  It’s game-changing in a way that any local business can compete against the big brands without shelling out a huge ad spend. Social media gives you that instant advantage to communicate with your customers in real time.

A quick look on how Social Media can benefit your company:

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Direct Access to your target market.

Your customers can now reach you any time, and most won't hold back on their unbiased feedback. But that's a good thing, this can help you position your brand better.

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Hyperlocal and Global Brand Reach.

Social media opens up a bigger demographic that you may choose to target based on location, age and social behavior.

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Improve your Search Engine Rankings.

Social media affects how your SEO turns out. With the increased social visibility, you can expect your conversions to scale up.

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Low Cost Advertising.

You can boost your product promotions, special offers, and sales without shelling out any cost for advertising materials and real-world ads. You can run your social media campaigns for months at the bare minimum ad spend.

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Creates Brand Personality.

What’s amazing is that, you can be successful with your social media postings just by relying on your content creativity and that extremely useful social juice you get from daily ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.

The Social Media Management Advantage

The challenge most companies face is maintaining brand engagement in all social media channels. It’s a time consuming process that requires a lot of coordination and hard work.

And that’s where our strength lies, 1768Degrees.com can help you build a robust social media strategy that aligns with your vision. We can handle your daily social media management of all your social platforms and profiles. We keep your social calendar moving with the latest and most informative content that’s both targeted and relatable to users.

We manage everything from post scheduling, content curation, content building, reputation management, commenting, stories and event live streams.

We at 1768Degrees.com consider ourselves the premier creative social media marketing agency in all of Whangarei. We have a team of social media experts that fully understand the current digital landscape, we have in-depth knowledge on how change is constant in all of these social media platforms, and we can give insights into the actions and behaviors that drive the interests of your customers.

Target the right audience demographic for your brand with the right social media strategy.

Get ready to go Social. Contact us and tell us a little bit about your business and we’ll take it from there.


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