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Social Media Trends 2020: Believe the Social Hype

Traditional marketing avenues aren’t enough anymore to boost sales. To help you stay ahead of the curve, you have to make your business instantly accessible in a variety of potential markets and even like-minded markets. This is the new digital frontier worth tapping.

No doubt, social media greatly influences our daily lives. With 3.2 billion people worldwide actively using social media, 90 percent of millennials use at least one of these sites regularly. Hence marketers are taking advantage of these platforms to reach their potential customers.

Social media nowadays is not the old social media we knew before. In its infancy, it was all about vanity metrics and getting the word out. Everyone was just bloodthirsty for likes. But now it is so evolved, business marketers and brands need to keep up to anticipate the latest social trends that influence traffic.

To give you the biggest trends in social platforms, we listed a number of things you should watch out for this 2020:


Vanity Metrics can’t Cut It No More

Not by a stretch has Jack Dorsey touted that social media follower counts are now meaningless. Vanity metrics are way too flawed of a social barometer. They do not account for real figures of engagement and rarely do vanity metrics affect revenues. It sounds great to hear you have a hundred or so followers, or a thousand likes on 1 popular post but doesn't any direct meaningful value to your profits or future SEO strategies.

Digital marketers are now more into actionable metrics which is a form of positive reporting and gives you the proper context on how your social media account is performing.


Capture Attention Within Seconds Through Video

In 2020, video makes up 82 percent of all internet traffic and for any digital marketer, any plain video has a 50% higher click-through rate than a photo or text link.

Video is easily digestible by the brain; the content is processed much faster than text. The reality is people prefer to watch than read, and with streaming all the rage now, video is definitely the king of content.


Instagram removes its Iconic “Like” Button

Instagram is confident in its own metrics, going as far as removing it’s ‘Like’ button for the sake of its users' mental health. We all know that more likes and followers mean a cool degree of social acceptance and a bite towards that much sought after popularity. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit on the table with the cool kids?

Instagram has that power to even the social playing field. But now that the ‘Likes’ are gone, you can no longer view the number of likes on other posts but you can still view your own. How does that affect social currency? Maybe it takes it another direction by having Instagram users interact on a deeper social level.


4. Influencer Marketing goes from Macro to Nano

Influencer marketing has undergone a huge shift from the flashy macro influencer or even the celebrity influencer type, the approach is now more geared towards a specific target audience. Nano influencers are on the rise, they may have a few followers, but they have a better-defined audience. Nano-influencers are active social media users with a follower range from 100-5,000. Wait, what!?

Thing is, why? Why invest in a nano-influencer to say a word or two about your brand when they don't have the numbers for it. They haven't even crossed the 10,000 marks of a micro-influencer.

Nano-influencers have gained traction, not because of clout or the followers they have. They are more intimate and engaged with their followers in presenting brands. But really these people are not sell-outs, they’re genuine and the real deal. They’re not saturated by brand speak, and they don’t tend to over-promote brands on their pages. They initially have a tendency to boost one brand, and that’s exclusivity right there. You get thoughtful and meaningful posts about your brand that’s not blatant advertising.


TikTok is the Talk of the Town

Ever since the brand new video social platform TikTok has won the hearts of many young impressionable social media users in 2017, it has gone beyond China's sphere and the niche app has been making waves in the United States and the world over.

With short fun clips ranging from skincare routines, beauty transformations, social challenges, video duets, magic tricks and so much more. ​Tiktok is definitely a disruptor in the social media landscape. It is a fast-paced way to leverage the clout of influencers and increase brand engagement on your end.


The Rise of Shoppable Posts

Most buying impulses we have now are triggered by posts we find through our social feeds. Social is now moving major inventories, boosting ecommerce sales in record profit numbers. In Instagram alone, 90% of users are following shopping brands that align with their personal tastes and whims.

Social shopping provides a direct avenue in purchasing items from feeds by allowing users access to add products and click to cart directly from whatever screen they are viewing. It’s all too convenient and easy to satisfy any shopping desires, even if you’re not in that shopping mood, being bombarded with stuff you have a history of liking creates that tendency to make an instant purchase.

Go Social this 2020 with 1768degrees.com

Social media is not only a way to market your products, but also a platform to build trust with customers. To stay ahead, make sure to create fun, meaningful and audience-centered content for your brand. 

If you want to harness the power of social media and make it work for your business, get in touch with us at 1768degrees.com. We can help you find your niche social space. Consult with us today! Email hello@1768degrees.com


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