7 Ways to Get Your Small Businesses Noticed

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One major element to consider when you are aiming to get your business noticed online is cost.  

Digital ads can be expensive particularly if you want them placed on highly visible prime locations. Luckily, by being strategic about managing the fundamental elements of a company’s digital presence, your business can become visible online without the business having to resort to the high-cost expenses. 

Top Tip: Social Media no longer has the cut through that it once did. 

You’d expect us to have this top of our list, but a website controlled by you, allows you to convey your message free from distractions to your customers. You are able to play by your rules not a platforms like Facebook. 

There are many ways to get online. If a bespoke site is not within your budget now, digicowebsites.com site subscription plans will let you have a fully functioning professional website, complete with a content management system, in weeks not months.  

Our designs are customised for the industries you work in. They are optimised for search and come with: 

  • Annual Domain Fee included
  • Refreshed Website every 3 years
  • Professional Email Address
  • Self-Manage your Website
  • Ecommerce Options
  • Product and Listing Functionality
  • Submitted to Google
  • Secure Hosting (SSL)

A large number of companies engage with their customers and potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The technique here is to diversify the type of content shared on the accounts. It’s a no-no to keep on posting positive features of your products or the unique selling proposition of your service. Include links to interesting stories that are related to your niche or industry or perhaps a fun anecdote about your work, office environment, or a company event. 

Engage don’t Sell. 

Links are important when it comes to SEO. It is a great driver of site traffic. Buying links from those who engage in black-hat SEO strategies may sound tempting, but you have to keep in mind that Google considers every link to your site as a vote of confidence that will help to boost the site’s search engine ranking.  

When those links are found to be bogus, the site can be penalised. You wont just loose the value these gave you but also be penalised. Consider it like cheating on a test. 

What must be done is to build relationships with authority and reputable sites. Poor quality links for sites with limited reputations will have a negative rather than positive impact. 

Whilst we have already mentioned Social Media, Instagram currently deserved its only mention. Instagram has over 300 million users and they spend an average of 21 minutes on the app each day. Instagram is not only intended for businesses like bakeries, flower shops, gift shops, and the likes. Instagram can enable emotional connections with current and potential customers regardless of the business. It also makes a great tool for recruitment since it lets you present the company’s culture. 

Keywords in a top-level domain like .com or .org do not render any advantage or disadvantage to search results. It is pointless to spend excessive money on an exact-match domain through a reseller. However your brand and your domain should be unified. This will help customers remember your business and find you if searching online.

Take advantage of this free service that enables your business to appear in local search results. All you need is to have a (free) Google account. With this account, you can control your online presence, gather positive customer feedback and reviews, and have a deeper understanding of your site’s performance through Google My Business insights.

Google Analytics is another must-have free tool for your business site. This can provide insights about the number of users who visit your website, how effective your current site content is, and if the varied channels are working well for your business or not. 


The trick for guaranteed success is to put eggs in different baskets, which means you have to diversify. These are great techniques which you can do immediately without much (or any) cost.

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