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A Great Web Design Agency Starts With the Why

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Every business needs a web design agency that starts with the Why.

Why do you need a website?

Why do you need this functionality?

Why the timescale you have set for go live?

And can finish it off with a What.

What can we do?

What do you need?

What can be done now?

What can we explore together?

What we would recommend…

These are all important questions, whose answers also lead to questions- this is the approach that will get you the answers you need. A good web agency will explore this line of questioning until they get to deduce the most viable answer to your problem. They hold on to your ‘Whys’ until they get a practical solution and understand the end goal.

Every business needs a web design agency that asks the right questions and with the end focus in mind. That’s the kind of web agency that’s mindful of what your business really needs from concept to completion.

1768 Degrees is exactly this kind of web design agency. We are based in Whangarei and take on the responsibility of what needs to be done, and execute it until the end outcome is achieved.

You need an agency that puts forward the best solutions which will work well for your website niche. After all in making a business website, what you really want is to be known in the industry in which you operate, building an audience takes time, and while that happens you need a reliable web agency that can be working alongside you on building the best website possible.

We know it’s tempting to hire a web agency whose site is pure visual eye candy, a well-crafted web attraction. Of course, your first impulse is to hire them on the spot, you just want the same kind of design flair for your online presence. But that’s often not the case. Without doing any research, you can end up living your own website horror story, you may end up with a ‘disappearing developer’ or an overpriced web agency who keeps sending you invoices over the smallest site changes, or worst a shabby website that’s not even ranking in the search engines.

It’s incredibly sad that not every agency, is skilled with the best people and adept at digital marketing. That they don’t deliver a great website as promised in the contract. It happens for a number of reasons, but it can be avoided altogether, so save yourself from the stress of a web building nightmare by being mindful of a few things, and consider these tips: “How do you exactly hire a good web developer for your website?”

What Exactly Is Good?

Let’s face it, the reason we would want to hire a reputable web agency in the first place is because they possess a set of skills and capabilities that we do not have. However, not all web agencies are made equal.

Having a specific skill set, such as knowing how to code is common to most web developers in web design agencies. However, just because they have a certain skill set doesn’t mean that they are fit for the project at hand. At the end of the day, you are looking for a web agency that can help you develop a website with your goals in mind, and not a random group of freelancers who can merely flaunt their resume.

Goal Alignment

One of the first things that you have to make sure is that your goals align with the tasks that they have in mind or propose in the proposal meeting. This does not only save you countless back-and-forth communications, but it also allows the project to be efficient when it comes to time. Aligning goals also allows for a creative feedback process, and all importantly hitting development milestones on time.
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Your Responsibility vs. Their Responsibility

Some web agencies might merely treat you as a ‘transaction’, there’s no genuine concern for your brand and sadly, will only do what they are told (Read: exactly what you put down on in your communications.) And, this can cause you so many problems down the line. The reason some developers do this is because they do not want to do anything extra due to the pricing structure or because of a lack of understanding as to the end goal.

Avoid developers like this. They do not solve problems as they arise, and they don’t have your end goal in mind, and yet they’re just itching to send the next bill.

Limitations vs. Solutions

One thing that a lot of us do not really pay attention to is the niche specific skill sets that some web agencies have. Let’s say you’re website is an ecommerce shop, you want someone that understands that your end goal is conversion rate optimisation. You want sales more than you want the website to be heavy on animated scripts and videos. Before signing a contract with a web agency, make sure you ask about what they specialise in and not get lost in how many languages they can code in. Good agencies are ready for any kind of battle, they have the best people and come up with solutions to your needs as you work with them towards the end goal. You want a web agency that will meet your specific requirements efficiently and effectively. There are so many cheap web agencies out there in Whangarei that are quick to claim that they can create your website for the least amount of money. Hold on to your money real tight for now, and again, take this great advice- do your research, know which web agency delivers on time, and go hyperlocal, check with other local businesses and how their websites are thriving. That’s a lead right there! We believe we, 1768degrees.com are one such web agency earning the trust of Whangarei entrepreneurs. We have grown through word of mouth referrals and continue to work with owners who took a punt on us as we set out. Whilst we offer everything you need from web hosting, e-commerce services, content creation, digital marketing and online branding, our niche is web design and Search Engine Optimisation. We will broker introductions to others who bet suit your needs, whether photography, video, offline advertising or print. We are proud to work with others.
Let's talk! We listen to our clients, we start with their ‘Whys’ and take it from there. We’ll help you make your website visible to your customers, whether they are based in Northland, Whangarei, The Cape or Bluff. Email me at hello@1768degrees.com, and let's get your brand known in the Whangarei community, and the rest of New Zealand.


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