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Affordable Web Design Newton – 10 Strong Web Design Elements and More!

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What does it mean when you say affordable web design? You see “affordable” can be subjective. Some people would say hiring a Website Design Company to do site design for $1500 is affordable while others would think affordable means free.  

If you intend to have an informational site that is under 10 pages, this could cost between $1800 to $2,500. For any additional page, you would have to spend $150.  

Web design cost has reduced significantly over the years due to the technological advances which made the process faster and easier. It used to be that web designers would have to manually code a site with the use of basic HTML editors. Today there are website builders and highly popular platforms like WordPress and Wix that make the process more time efficient and therefore more affordable.


Web Design Agency Newton

A well-designed site is an accurate representation of your brand, and it speaks to your targeted audience. This site is more likely to generate sales and more profits. It is not an easy task to create an efficient website. This requires a robust integration of design and the principles of marketing. If you aim to redesign your current site, it would be better to hire a web design agency due to the following reasons: 

Collaborative Effort-Agencies hire several team members to create a pool of talents that are meant to collaborate. Working with a team entails collaboration and brainstorming which help to overcome creative blocks. 

Extensive Knowledge and Skills-A web design agency offers a wide array of digital marketing services which may not be possible when you hire a freelancer. Some examples of these services are search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management. 

More Resources- Web design agencies tend to have more in-house resources than a freelancer. If your site needs a specific application or functionality, a web agency is more likely to offer a custom solution. 

Superior Communication-Web design agencies operate at regular working hours. This means that they can easily respond to queries and concerns at any time of the day. 

Professional Service- A Web Design Company has a proven track record of superior service and shows a high level of professionalism. They put a high value on customer service, particularly in ecommerce Websites. 

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Modern Website Design

A modern website is also relative. For others, it would mean adhering to the 2020 design trends for the site to be modern while for others this does not have to be the case. The Best Website Design to call modern would include the following design elements: lots of white space, strong yet limited color palette, high-resolution product videos, user-friendly design, interesting and clear calls to action, clear back-end coding, SEO-boosting design elements, responsive images, speed optimization, and highly cohesive card designs.  

There are several tips to consider to ensure that your site indeed has a modern design. Before the website design process commences, it is important to have a plan. The journey of the user from being a visitor to a customer must be considered. This will nurture leads throughout the sales funnel. 

Remove elements that may reduce the value and detract from the intended message of the site. Some of these elements are complex animations, stocky images, and too long text. Don’t use any technical and hard to understand jargon. The copy may only confuse the site visitors. 

Include social media buttons such as Share, Tweet, or Follow buttons. Without these buttons, your site is missing out on a high amount of traffic that can be generated by your avid followers or readers.  

Use calls-to-action. Calls-to-action are one of those elements that aid site visitors to take the next step on any webpage. Don’t forget to include CTAs that help to educate them about the product or service you are offering.  

Use the appropriate images. It’s ideal to use photos or images of real people in your actual workplace. If this is not possible, there are professional techniques that will help you choose the most suitable stock photo. 

Optimize the site for mobile devices. This is important since 80 percent of users access the internet on their smartphones. It is important to tailor the site to suit the needs and wants of the site users.  

Make sure your site can be found. This can be made possible when you come up with an SEO strategy that focuses on the search words used by your audience and buyer personas. 

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Cool Website Designs in Newton

Cool website designs vary realistically in terms of industry and appeal. There may be a few sites that stand out and make great inspirations for web design this year and the next. Here are some of them: 

One of these memorable sites is Virgin America which won the Most Significant Industry Evolution, 2014 UX Awards. It is the first truly responsive airline website that sets a new precedent in the industry. 

Another site is Mikiya Kobayashi which won the Site of the Day (7/4/2015), AwwwardsMikiya is a product designer who came up with a minimalistic portfolio that features strong photography and subtle animations. The original site is in Japanese and translated into English to show the international scalability of this design. 

On the other hand, Citrix: The New Mobile Workforce won the Site of the Day (11/23/2017), Best Website Gallery award. The site uses panoramic photography to showcase Citrix’s support for Red Bull Racing’s new race car. The smart animation included showing complicated automotive technology. 

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About Newton in Auckland

Newton is a suburb in Auckland City, New Zealand. Newton has a painful past with some of its landmark buildings demolished due to erroneous plans. However, if you happen to visit, you may swing by some great destinations such as the Auckland Zoo, Piha Beach, Sky Tower Observation, Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Hobbiton Movie Set Tour, Eden Park, and Rainbow’s End.  


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