Build a Business Website in Whangarei – Consider The Basic Elements of a Website Design Before You Start

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Consider The Basic Elements of a Website Design Before You Start

Simply put, web design is the process of building a website. There are several aspects that make up web design, these include the web page layout, graphic design, and content. There are many visual elements that have to be considered for different types of website designs. Any website design agency in should be up to date when it comes to website design elements and trends.

For any business their website is one of the most important tools to draw in clients and customers. What sets apart a bad site from a good one is the websites design. That is why it’s important to know the essential elements of website design. There’s no way for any designer to enhance a site without revising the following elements:


You must have heard it in the past: “Content is king.” It must have a modifier before content: quality. Rushed and useless content is not something search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will likely index. On the contrary, it might get your site relegated to the abyss. Your site is in bad shape when your content is of low quality. Content is any business site’s backbone. It’s one thing that content ensures your site is on the top of the search engine results page, but it’s another thing to consider that your site visitors are on your site mainly because of its content. The text has to be simple, easy to follow, concise, and informative. Good website design requires content planning.

Visual Design

Humans are naturally visual. That’s why using high-quality graphics is a great way of encouraging customers to visit and crucially engage with your site. Customers will find it difficult to resist the appeal of a well-designed site. A site needs to be able to capture the interest of a site visitor in just 1/10th of a second. This is the window of time given for a customer to realize that the site is worth exploring and reliable. Moderation is key when it comes to design. Don’t overdo the text, animation, and even the flashing graphics.


The site has to be easy to navigate. All the items on the menu must be accessible regardless of what web page the user is on. It is crucial for the user to know easily which part of the site he or she is browsing, and it must be clear to them how they will go to the areas they want to explore. This means that search and browse behaviour of the online users must be considered when creating the menu and choosing the options available to them. A sitemap is crucial when considering a site. It may sound too elementary, but most site improvements start with the aid of the sitemap. Functionality must also be at the forefront of web design. When it comes to website design, there’s only a very fine line between interactive design and one that’s totally irritating.

Whew, we know it’s irritating to get lost while browsing a site. That’s why we make sure that every site we design is easy to navigate.

Being Interactive

A site must engage its site visitors and be able to hold their attention and interest regardless of the web page they visit. The site must influence site users to accomplish what the business wants them to do. The whole thing is known as a conversion, and this could be the ultimate goal of the site. To increase the participation and involvement of site users, the site may have comment boxes and even opinion polls on the site. Email forms and newsletter sign-ups must also be provided on the site to convert visitors to users.

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Build a Business Website in Whangarei - Consider The Basic Elements of a Website Design Before You Start - AboutUs banner mobile -

The About Us Page

The About Us page is a must-have for every site particularly if the site is for business purposes. A small business must inform the users who they are and what they do. It must also introduce the owner of the business. This is a common practice although huge companies or those that have become household names may not really require it. However, this is common practice as it helps to start to build a bond and trust with client or customer.

The About Us page must also include the philosophy of the business and its goals. It may also include testimonials from customers and success stories of the company. This kind of page must also serve as a gateway towards other related web pages and even social media profiles.

The common problem with this page is that it tends to drag on and can be boring. Just make sure to give the users enough information along with an appealing design. One trick is to give it a bit of a personality. Include a photo of the team.

The Call to Action or Signup

In many instances, the site is a venue for an action to be undertaken. It can be to make a sale, leave the user’s contact details, or provide important information. This may not be clear to the site user without the calls to action being persuasive and obvious.

It’s crucial to know what you want the user to do on the site. The design must align with this intention. Color, space, and contrast can be used to direct users to the right buttons. For example, a site selling an app must lead users to a ‘download an app button’.

Another call to action is the signup form where the users are asked to sign up. The form has to be placed in a prominent location and given the right size so as not to occupy the whole page. The form has to be simple and easy to fill out. Make sure that the buttons are of a different color for them to stand out and be easy to spot.


Space is one of the most important elements of web design because it dictates the site’s flow and its readability. Designers today have more use of space than designers decades ago. More site designs now have more space and increased space intervals between lines as well as more adherence to open space.

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