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If you are an online entrepreneur, you must be aware of how significant customer reviews are. People love to share their purchasing experiences on sites such as Google and Facebook.

A Google review may help put your business on the map, without the comparable cost of Google Ads. Social media experts also say brands today are defined by people who have experienced the products or services of the company. It may be unavoidable to receive negative reviews, but the best way to counter them is to bump up the number of rave reviews. This means you have to encourage your satisfied and happy customers to write a review for you. Here’s how you can help make this happen:

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Set up profiles on multiple review sites

The following are the top-performing review platforms that you must create accounts in. First is Google My Business (GMB), which is the latest reincarnation of Google Places and Google Local. This serves as the starting point for any review marketing strategy. In a study involving 30,000 sites, an investment in reviews improved organic traffic from 5,500 to 8,000 in only 9 months. To leverage the benefits of GMB, make sure to create a profile on the site and to provide them with a direct link to where they can review the business. You may also integrate your GMB review link into the company’s email marketing campaigns.

Industry-specific sites influence your ranking on the search results. Furthermore, 97 percent of customers said that they are influenced by customer reviews. This means that the more reviews the site has, the better. It’s crucial for you to be focused when selecting the review sites you will send customers to.

Product-review sites are another option. These sites are third-party sites designed to help businesses receive reviews from customers while vetting these in terms of accuracy. It’s because of the third-party vetting that the reviews on these sites are more likely to result in sales conversions and positive brand sentiments compared to reviews that are done on your own site and using your site’s own system. The popular starting point for product reviews is Trustpilot. One of the benefits of a third-party review platform is that it can be easily incorporated into your site. By making use of third-party review sites you can assert your ownership of your brand story and be part of the conversation.

Social media must not be used only for marketing but also for customers to review businesses. This advantage has been solidified by the creation of Facebook Local. Social media is a place for reviews to be made and shared as well. The trick is to do so with tact. When you retweet, share, post, and pin product reviews the customers have left for your business, make it about the individual customer and not about your brand. Don’t forget to respond to the online reviews on all the platforms you use. It is called social media for a reason. You have to be part of the conversation. In addressing complaints and negative comments, make sure that it is done publicly so people won’t think that you have something to hide. Your respectful treatment of your customers and acknowledgment of their needs will go a long way to gaining more positive reviews.

Ask Your Customers

The best way to earn reviews from your customers is simply to ask them. For as long as you provide quality products or services, they will be willing to provide a review for your business. When you receive a compliment from a customer whether in person, on the phone, or through email, ask the person to leave the same positive comment on their preferred review site.

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Integrate Reviews into All Your Work Processes

Sales staff and customer service representatives must be aware of how significant it is to solicit reviews from the customers they deal with. You can incentivise the process by implementing a bonus or a type of program that will help employees remember to ask for reviews from the customers. This is one of the best ways to spend your marketing money considering the importance of reviews in the customer decision process.

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