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Bespoke Web Design Services

Whether you need a bespoke site design or the template-based design when you are on a tight budget, it’s crucial for you to know the different trends of site design and what your customers expectHere at 1768degrees.com we take the guess work out of web design in Dunedin. 

  • Retro fonts                   
    There are many elements that become popular and then become lost forever. This is not the case for vintage fonts. Their popularity has   always been permanent.  
  •  Horizontal scrolling
     A lot of designers have experimented their way around horizontal scrolling. On our end, we use a minute amount of horizontal scrolling   to zoom in on an image. This will reveal more relevant bits of the image at a larger size. 
  •  Multimedia experiences
    Thanks to faster internet speeds, multimedia experiences are ever more possible. The use of video, can result in a more engaging experience but overkill can distract a user and take us back to a time of Bebo and MySpace. 
  •  Augmented reality experiences
    AR brings immersive experiences to any site. This is best used for e-commerce and retail websites to sell products and at the same time make customers more empowered in the buying process. This may also be applied to car dealerships and hotels, giving their potential customers a smooth and pressure-free experience. 
    Expect this to become a growing area. 

About Our SEO Services

SEO is at the heart of our services. We are fully aware that without SEO, it would be impossible for any business to prosper online. We know that SEO is anchored on the use of the right keywords.  

Here are some of the things that we do to ensure that we get the right keywords for your campaigns.

  • Keywords
    We determine which keywords are being search and are suitable to your business. There’s no value ranking for keywords that don’t lead to sales.
  • Technical Site Structure
    We build for best practice
  • Hosting
    Hosting is a big determining factor in how your site ranks and customers staying on your site. Consider it like a highway, the faster it is, the quicker customers can use your site without delays and lag. 

Top Facts about Dunedin

The name Dunedin comes from a Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh.  

Dunedin was once the largest city in the country based on the territorial land area. It was superseded by Auckland in 2010. 

Maori occupied the area before the Europeans arrived. A Scottish settlement was created in the area in 1848. Between 1855 and 1900 around one thousand Scots immigrated to Dunedin.  

Dunedin is home to the country’s oldest university, the University of Otago, and also the Otago Polytechnic.  

If you are feeling outdoorsy, don’t miss the beautiful Dunedin Botanic Garden. This is the country’s first botanic garden which was established in 1863.  

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