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E-Commerce Web Design has just become Affordable E-Commerce Web Design

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E-Commerce web sites can have full the bells and whistles without the significant upfront barrier when you partner with 1768Degrees.

1768Degrees.com was specifically developed to create affordable web design for small businesses. Unlike other companies offering affordable web design, we started with best practise. We haven’t put in place page limits or arbitrary restrictions. We looked at what was best for businesses. And developed our solution around this.

We know what’s required to build a great e-commerce store from clear navigation. Functionality and Calls to action. As well as an intuitive checkout process.

We have taken this best practise and applied it across our E-Commerce designs. Allowing all customers to serve their customers through an affordable, ready to use out the box E-Commerce website that is suitable for most businesses and their E-Commerce online needs.

Where some businesses may have specific requirements, such as butcheries, we have developed our own unique Butchey Template that allows those businesses to get online. With their specific needs met. If your industry doesn’t fit one of our many designs available, we will happily work with you to discover, develop and create best practise template for your industry. All we ask is that you help us. In spreading the word of 1768Degrees and the affordable web design services that we offer.

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If you a ready to take the next step online, reach out to us today.

So what should an ecommerce website have?  

  1.  A clear header showcasing the products available. 
  2. Easy to self-manage and edit elements. This enables the business owner or team to showcase their products and edit their website themselves. 
  3. Clear calls to action. On the homepage there should be clear calls to action along with contact details a contact form or phone number. 
  4. Integrated email marketing solution. Allow your customers to sign up to a newsletter. 
  5. An intuitive checkout process that captures abandoned carts and sends confirmation emails to the client. 
  6.  Recommended products. Or complimentary products for your customer to consider, ensuring the customer doesn’t leave without purchasing a product.  
  7. Great imagery. Great content. Great hosting. 

We believe that when all these things come together. An E-Commerce website can work well for a business. It is for this reason that we built this core functionality into our designs, so that you as a business owner can get online in weeks, not months. 

Within our hosting and licence fee packages we also include many extras that other companies simply choose not to (subject to the package chosen) 

  • SSL certificates to keep your site secure.  
  • Website backups. In case the worst happens  
  • Security updates and security patches  
  • Free domain name.  
  • Free Email accounts 
  • Free website refresh  
  • Content writing, optimised for search.


However, one thing that is included in all our packages is our total commitment to help small businesses get online, which is why we optimise all sites before they go live, ensuring the URL structure matches the pages and submitting to Google.  

Without Google, knowing a new website has been put live your website wont rank. We literally go the extra mile for our customers. 


1768 degrees logo

Did you know 1768Degrees is more than just? Cheap websites. We offer arguably the best in class affordable web design solution. Come give us a try. No Tie-Ins. No Jargon. Just a can-do attitude.


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