The Risk of Free Website Builders

The Risk of Free Website Builders - The Risk of Free Website Builders -

A number of companies and organisations would opt for a free website builder. In fact, they would jump at the opportunity of having anything gratis especially that enables a website to be built cheaply. This is particularly true for non-profits. However, using free website builders may only cause more harm than good even for startups who want an affordable WebsiteHere are some reasons why this is so: 

Lack of Control

There is but little control you have in a free site builder once the site is already up and running. The hosting company can easily put banners and pop-ups on your new site since this is how they earn revenue. There are instances that through the fine print the website builder may end up owning your domain address. This is going to be a problem as part of marketing since the company has to change the address after having created a social media strategy.

Everything Goes Slow

When you use a free site builder meaning with free Website Templates, you have to be prepared for things to be slow. These will include page loading, video rendering, donation platforms, etc. This could be because the company is trying to handle too many sites in one server or giving preferential treatment to users who pay. This could spell doom to any company whether it is for-profit or not. Users only stay on the site for a couple of seconds on a site. When it does not load in seconds, they are more likely to proceed to the next site.

Lack of Security

Most free website builders promise ironclad security for all clients, but there is no basis for such promises. Any site is subject to an attack. How quickly can these be restored if the worst happens? This would put your legal site at risk for hackers and malware attacks.

Data Lockdown

The worst can happen to your site and your well-crafted data. Those who start with a free service to move later to a paid one may have problems moving their data. These free site services often have no tools to let you migrate your site. Users most often pay freelancers and web developers to manually export the content. This means more expenses.

Site Shutdown

The terms and conditions often clearly state that the builders can shut down your site at any time without any need for reasons. The worst part is that when they do so they don’t usually give you your data or offer you a means to save your data.

The Providers’ Sudden Disappearance

Yes, it’s possible for these site builders and hosting companies to just fold up and go. They could easily shut down your servers, and you would lose all the data and website forever. Their terms of service give them full protection to do this.

Your Site Information May Be Sold Off

You have to remember that these services require profits for them to stay in business.

“If you are not paying for their services, then you are one of their products.”

It could mean that they could look for other ways to make money from you and these could include selling your site address, personal information or email address to other companies.

Hidden Charges

Since as mentioned earlier these services are also aiming for profit, there’s a possibility for them to charge users for additional services such as email accounts, site transfer, image hosting, and FTP access. Such charges often dwarf the costs charged by professional website builders.

Unprofessional Website Address

A site that has the URL is not professional looking in any way. Site visitors and potential clients would likely not take you seriously if your domain name is like this.

No Customer Service or Help Feature

These free services don’t offer help to users. You have to set up the site by yourself with assistance from a poorly stated document. If there’s anything you can’t understand, you are pretty much on your own.

No Backups

For free websites, they don’t perform regular backups. That means if something happens to your site, you cannot restore your data. It’s simply gone forever.

No Statistics and Decent Site Analysis

With the services of a good hosting company, you can have access to free statistics about your site’s visitors. It is possible for you to install Google Analytics or any other kind of traffic counters. This is not possible on these free sites since the service providers run their own analytics on your site.

No Responsive Designs

Most free site service providers offer site designs that are outdated and are not responsive which means they do not run on mobile phones. The problem is that mobile users make up a huge part of online traffic. Because the site has no responsive design, you are losing a lot of potential customers.

Given the perils of putting up sites through free site providers, you may think that you have to shell out a large amount if you intend to put up a site for business. It is possible for you to have a decent and Affordable Websites Whangarei. A company like 1768degrees and its sister company that handles its site subscription service could offer you high-value web design without breaking the bank.  

1768degrees adheres to best practices in site design. The company creates top-performing sites that could achieve high site rankings on Google and other major search engines. You could have a site that looks great no matter what device is used to access it.  

Go with a subscription plan and you could be launching a new site in less than four weeks due to a robust design and development team. Your site would have reliable hosting, free domain registration, SSL certificate, and a lot more. Most of all, you are free to make changes on your own site.

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