How to Find a Good Web Design Agency in Whangarei, New Zealand

How to Find a Good Web Design Agency in Whangarei, New Zealand - website development layout sketch drawing 1 -

A Whangarei web design agency will help make your business a success through the design and development of a professional website. For starters, you should avoid cheap website design as the cost for such a bargain website is the demise of your Google search results.

Finding a good web designer in Whangarei is also a challenge, though there are a lot of good web designers in New Zealand, some freelancers aren’t that reliable. When it comes to deadlines, you’d be better off hiring a web development agency.

A web agency will swear by its name and deliver on time. They have a reputation to protect, and a Whangarei web agency understands well how trust, accountability, and excellent customer service results in good business. Whangarei is a close nit community and so trust is the most valuable commodity available. Most of the time web design agencies are hired to undo or rework websites. This is to reverse the damage done by unreliable web service providers.

But in any business decision, a sound move would be to do a little research before hiring anyone off the bat, and this could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Here are some things to consider when hiring a digital web agency in Whangarei. You should always go for the following skill sets:

Graphic Design Aesthetics

First, ask for a web design portfolio. This will hint on the web designer’s design range whether the company is versatile and diverse enough to handle different projects. Their portfolio should also showcase web design projects that require adherence — let’s say to a corporate style guide, or a digital brand. This means they also have the discipline to play by the rules when asked to.

A good web designer can work under parameters of specific themes, and even get inspired by the use of colors and imagery related to your brand. Of course, the design will have to be to your liking as you are paying for it, but leave room for creative freedom and collaboration. Web designers should be allowed space to be playful with their visual ideas as well.

A bit of advice, designers much like any other artist, need their own time and space to do their thing, and a good start would be to trust their instincts on how they perceive your web project.

How to Find a Good Web Design Agency in Whangarei, New Zealand - web developers working in modern office -

Programming Skills

An agency may have a cadre of web programmers and developers hidden in some back office. You’ll never see most of them in your creative meetings unless they are required to explain the technical aspect of your website to you.

Whangarei Web developers all come with different expertise; some maybe focus on coding the backend of your site while one may be the expert on the server-side aspect of web hosting. Some programmers are web solutions specialists; they are there to catch the bugs before they even occur within the site’s architecture. There are also web developers who are called in for technical emergencies, or just to put in an eCommerce cart and payment checkout, and after doing so, they wouldn’t be around the agency unless called for again. And remarkably, some multi-disciplinary web developers are highly-skilled and can do a bit of each, literally building your website, brick by brick — one line of code to the next, pixel by pixel.

When you choose a web design agency you need to ensure the end product and how it functions meets the form (the design).

Communication Skills

Aside from the neat technical skills highlighted above, a successful website requires synergy. The end product should be a visually appealing website with clean backend coding and good Technical SEO. A good web agency manager should be somewhere within that collaboration, making things happen on time. And as a client, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

But that can only happen when all communication lines are open, as a client, you shouldn’t be kept in the dark with any major concerns. In fact, you should be updated. You may not always make a decision about the technical aspects that go on while building your mammoth website, but it definitely feels good to know what’s up and when you’re in the loop. The point here is, you don’t want certain issues to come up and surprise you. You don’t want to be the last one to know if your house is on fire. But rest assured, most web design agencies know how to handle big issues before they escalate, but if you want to know every minor detail you can stipulate that in your contract, or let the web manager know you want to be informed.

‘Communication is key’ might sound like a redundant catchphrase, but there’s wisdom in that saying because when working with an agency under a particular timeline, you need people you can communicate with clearly. You don’t want people confusing you about the workflow and hiding behind technical jargon. A good web design team can explain their process in layman’s term in a polite and genuine way. You have to be happy around working with these people, and you should hire people who are really interested in doing an excellent job because they simply love their work and what they do.

A Bit of Advice

Just before you hire a web agency, make sure you get referrals, do your research, and read reviews. Find out about a web agency’s past projects before working with them, and if you can talk to a previous client of theirs, do so. Sometimes their working history and their web portfolio speak a lot about their craftsmanship, their level of technical and customer support, and how they truly feel about their work and clients.
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