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How to Get More Customers for Your Plumbing Business

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Just like any business, there is no cash flow if enquires aren’t coming into your plumbing business. It is crucial to know how to target your potential customers for you to have a decent chance of converting them.

So how should plumbing services market themselves to find the customers who need them? Here are some top tips:



Regardless of what business you’re running today, you will benefit more having a website. It will make you visible online, and at the same time, customers will learn to trust your business more. When you create a site for your plumbing service, make sure that it has the right site design to attract customers. It has to be mobile-friendly. The majority of online users search for products and services using mobile devices. You will miss out on a large percentage of potential customers when your site is not mobile-friendly. Always make sure that the business name, address, and phone number are written on the site are updated and accurate. A professional-looking site with all the right features is better off left in the hands of professionals at 1768 DEGREES.


Traditional SEO ensures that your site is indexed and ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. On the other hand, local SEO focuses on the region or locality where your business is located. The areas you have to focus on for local SEO include customer reviews, name, address, and phone number citations in directory listings and map listings.

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Through pay-per-click advertising plumbing services can bid on popular keywords and search terms that people who are searching for plumbers use. PPC is based on several factors: such as quality of ad copy, landing page score, and the maximum bid for every keyword. There are different types of pay-per-click ads such as search ads, remarketing ads, display ads, and social media ads. Search ads are the most important. They can be found at the top and bottom of the search results page. It comes with a small logo that says “Ad” so it’s hard to miss.


Let’s say out of the 3 billion people in the world, 2 billion use social media. Imagine how big a market you are losing when you don’t use social media. Social media is the best platform for you to engage with your customers and prospects. It will allow you to build a more robust relationship and win their trust in the process. You will be able to gain better and deeper insights into your customers regarding their needs and their search behavior. Plumbers can do the following on social media: share some DIY videos as help for customers, offer special deals and coupons for loyal social media followers, and conduct social media contests and polls.. DIY videos make your business more transparent to your customers while the deals and coupons will be in exchange for their emails which is a gold mine for reaching out to these customers in the future. Contests can give your business more exposure and increase your brand awareness.



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