How to Spot the Fake Web Designer from the Genuine One

How to Spot the Fake Web Designer from the Genuine One

They say that looking for a web designer is more like going on a blind date. It can be anchored on false hopes. Small companies have limited means of advertising and promotion. Of course, you aim to have the best representation of your business online through a decent and highly functional website, all without breaking a bank. There are small design studios and freelance web designers who are skilled and talented enough to handle your project. You just have to consider the following factors to weed out the fake designers and shorten your list of the worth-hiring candidates:

Check out the portfolio.

Try to assess if the site looks and feels professional. You might also need to look if their style is what you want for your site. The design studio has to be logical, user-friendly and must be able to provide customers what they require for them to meet their own goals. The portfolio will also show you if the firm has been in the industry for a considerable time. Look at the types of clients they served and their level of success.

Check if it is indeed a web designer you are hiring.

You might come across web design agencies that provide you web programmers who know little about web design. You see, web developers are more on the programming side and not into design. Developers have the tendency to use templates that are created by other designers. You need a site that is customised to your business. 


Remember that today there are several software applications that make it easy to create a site. However, there’s a difference between creating a site and designing it. Design is a form of communication whether it is online or traditional print. Without any design knowledge, programmers may lack the skills necessary to communicate with your targeted audience.


Our profiles are out in the open. We are happy to share details of clients we have worked with, with similar requirements as yours. We have nothing to hide except for our beer bellies perhaps.

At, we work fairly and we value integrity.


Check the prices and compare them with other web design companies.

It may not be pleasing to your ears, but the price is a determiner of the kind of service or product you’re getting. This is applicable to almost everything in life. As a precaution, don’t easily believe any designer who boasts about faster delivery for a cheaper rate. You have to assess the work they produced vis-à-vis the prices they offer. 


So when you check the designer’s portfolio and you don’t see anything you like, despite the lower rates offered, it is not wise to hire that designer. Never settle, that’s Steve Jobs talking during his famous Stanford commencement address. 

Read the package for all its offerings.

have to make sure that the IPR and ownership of the site are yours after it is delivered. If they refuse to hand these to you, ditch them and look for another. Also, make sure that the domain name is your name and not the designer’s. This might cause you trouble in the long run. When choosing a design, also check the hosting standards. Just make sure of one thing, that the contract states that the domain name is yours and you can move if you need too.


We proudly use Googles infrastructure, but the site is 100% yours. No questions.  

Don’t ignore the fine print.

Web design service providers in New Zealand may appear decent and professional, but still, look at the fine print of your contract. They might have terms of service agreements that might surprise if not piss you off. That’s why you need to spend time checking on the work they guarantee, what they don’t, the hosting and SEO related charges, site updates, etc.


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