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If you are thinking of creating a new site for your startup or making the current one up to date, here are some elements we always find significant: a good domain name, the best content management system, secure and scalable web hosting service, a reliable e-commerce platform, webmaster tool installation, a highly engaging website user interface, and a site maintenance plan.  

Your domain name is the entry point to your site. We will make sure that it is short, easy to spell, memorable, and with the right domain extension. This will make it more impressive for usability purposes as well as for search engine optimisation. 

An easy to use content management system makes it easy for you to maintain the site without the need for any programming knowledge. All our sites use WordPress which are user-friendly allowing our customers to update the site whenever they want(That’s why it is the world’s most popular CMS.) 

If you are planning to sell goods or services, you need a dependable e-commerce platform that has the potential to increase your profits. We only work with Woo Commerce due to the WordPress platform ensuring these E-Commerce sites are found. 

Of course, there’s the user interface we have to be adamant about. We use beautiful high-resolution images and graphics and fonts that are pleasing and soothing to the eyes. We also ensure that the site loads fast. Everything we do here is anchored on research.   

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About Our SEO Services

SEO is not only important for big businesses like conglomerates and multinationals. It is equally important to local businesses. Here’s a quick look at the users’ context signals and that of search engine optimisation. On a country level, the users of a particular country will see the results that are relevant to the country they are in.  

What we do as 1768degrees.com is consider the geography, language, and culture of a particular region to ensure that the content speaks to the users in the areas served by the business. If you want your site to have multiple languages, we use different URLs for the alternate language versions of the site’s pages.  

Apart from the location signals, Google also tends to personalise results. This is according to the immediate context from the most recent search. Our trick here is to constantly improve the content and the site’s user experience to create that meaningful and lasting impression that encourages brand loyalty. Over time, this would make users search for your domain even when your site is not on top of the search results.  

Search engines don’t just give users the most relevant results; they also intend to send them to pages where they are likely to have a positive experience. This is why we make sure to up the ante when it comes to user experience.  

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Invercargill: The most southern city of New Zealand.

What to do if you are on a visit:

Invercargill is a city that is near the southernmost tip of South Island in New Zealand. It is also the westernmost city of the country and the commercial center of the Southland area. The city is located right at the heart of the Southland Plains and sits in the middle of rich farmland with conservation land and marine reserves around the city.  

A lot of the streets in the city particularly in the centre and the major shopping district got their names from Great Britain (specifically Scotland). Invercargill is known as the gateway to the wilderness areas which include Stewart Island along with the Rakiura Track. 

The city has a temperate oceanic climate, and it is the cloudiest city in the country. It only has 1,680 hours of sunshine per year. It also has a high frequency of rainy days which is lesser than what Auckland or Wellington gets. Invercargill is also the second windiest city in New Zealand next to Wellington. 

Invercargill was founded in the 1850s, and it has a population of 53,000. The city has a charming old-world character brought to it by Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco heritage buildings. 

Invercargill is the City of Water and Light. Light is a reference to the long summer twilights and the southern lights or aurora australis. Water, on the other hand, comes from driving rain in high wind at the corner of its two main streets which are Dee and Tay. The city is a great place for those who want to live and work in New Zealand. It is also welcoming to students from all over the world.

The following are some of the fun to do things in the city: 

Bill Richardson Transport World- it’s fun to explore the largest privately owned collection of a unique kind in the world. Bill Richardson Transport World is 15,000 sqm that celebrates everything on wheels. But don’t get us wrong; it is not only for motoring connoisseurs. Bill Richardson has been restoring old trucks for decades, and this has been passed on to his family, with them showing each member’s interests which helped form this excellent collection 

Lynette Jack Scenic Sights Discover Invercargill Tour- If you want not only to see but also experience Invercargill, the best way is through a personal drive-by tour.  There are several highlights in this trip which include Queens Park, Heritage Buildings, Churches, Residential Areas, Oreti Beach, and Civic Amenities. This will inform you of how people in the city have become who they are and how they have molded everything around them. The tour caters to individuals, couples, and groups, regardless of size. These tours can also be customized based on the guests’ personal interests and available time. 

Dig This Invercargill- It is the only heavy equipment playground in the country, which will help unleash the guests’ inner child with activities that will bring you the adrenaline rush, reliving the thrill of childhood’s sandpits. Everyone can live out their adventurous fantasies of driving machines such as bulldozers, skid steers, diggers, and excavators while in a giant gravel pit. You can take a pick from tire stacking to earthmoving, as well as a game of digger basketball. It’s good-old clean fun for all from 5 years old to beyond 100.  


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