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Making Your Website Mobile Friendly – The Must Have Checklist

The world is now more connected through mobile phone technology. It has vastly improved the way we communicate with each other- real time and across far distances. Ubiquitous as it is, there’s no denying mobile browsing through finger-swipe touch screens have greatly enriched our lives. It’s equally indispensable for businesses. 

You want solid reach? Make sure you reach your audience through mobile. One thing is clear, with 63.4% of mobile users access the internet via their phones- you have to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. And Google has also made this a point by making their search algorithms on the lookout for mobile-priority websites.

Since mobile phones offer smaller screens and slower download speeds compared to using a desktop computer, there are things you need to keep in mind when you make the transition for your website. Here’s to making your website more mobile-friendly:


Mobile Menu Navigation

The mobile version of your site uses a smaller screen which makes it less appealing to use the standard menu on desktop. The use of a mobile menu box or also called a hamburger menu can make your site look organized and less cluttered. It also promotes easy navigation to different pages of your site.


Your logo should have a link

Logo is the identity of your site, so make sure it is visible at the top page of your site. To make it more familiar with your visitors, make use of your logo as a clickable link that directs visitors to your site’s homepage.


Don’t forget to state where you are

Make your location visible by linking it to Google maps. This will allow your mobile visitors to easily locate your business and utilise your products or services.


Make your Phone Number Visible

Mobile visitors often look for phone numbers to call for assistance and inquiries. Make it easier for your visitors to reach you by adding a clickable mobile number to call.

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Have your own little search box

If your website contains a lot of information, make use of a search box. It will help your mobile visitors to navigate to your content by just entering keywords. Remember that the more convenient the site, the happier and satisfied your mobile visitors will be.


Make it obvious with a business description

Make the purpose of your website clear by putting the products or services you offer at the top of your site. Do not let your mobile visitors wander around trying to figure out the business description of your site.


Space matters

The eye sometimes needs visual boundaries, and you can provide that by making proper use of space. On a mobile version of your website, there is often less space for your content. You might have clickable links between elements on your web that are close to each other. Make it easier to click the links by providing space between sections.


Use fewer words and more icons

Use more buttons and images to navigate on your site. Make use of these icons to represent each section in your site to make them readily accessible to your visitors.


Contact Form

Make the most of a user’s visit by having a contact form ready. They can forego using email or hitting the DMs on social, and just focus on sending you a query the second they find your website.

More than that though, if you need to transition your desktop-resolution website into a mobile-priority version, we can help make the UI/UX transition easy for you. We make sure any business website we manage are accessible and browser compatible. We make it a point to test loading times on various screen sizes.

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