Minimalism in Web Design: Its Value and Principles

Minimalism in Web Design: Its Value and Principles - MInimalist in web Design -

As Web Designers we know that achieving a minimalist design may deliver great results. However, understand it’s a balance between making the design look good but at the same time complete even with minimal elements. 

Let’s define first minimalism.

Minimalist design has been described as a design that is at its most basic and devoid of superficial colors, elements, shapes, and textures. This design movement began in Switzerland and applied to different types of media which include music, graphic design, architecture, painting, literature, and web design. 

The purpose of the minimalist design is to allow the content to stand out and serve as the focal point It is meant to bring calmness to the mind and to bring down everything into the bare essentials. 

Minimalism has been around for quite some time, but during the early days of the Internet, website designs were nowhere near to anything minimalist what with the bright colours, rotating logos, and marquees.

Minimalism has several principles to follow. Even if you are not aiming for a minimalist site design, these principles are still applicable to any style you wish to use.

There’s more to less.

Minimalism aims to bring the most important element to the forefront. When a webpage has too many elements, the users may become confused about what to focus on. A cluttered design may also invite misinterpretation of the elements used in the design. A minimalist design centers on the content alone.

We think that of it this way: it’s always quality over quantity.  

This is how you minimise content.

A minimalist design not only means simplifying the layout by taking out some graphics. It means that you have to rethink the entire content and leave only the essentials. You can list down all the elements that you need: logo, navigation, introduction, etc. Some of the elements that are usually required are the following: Icons or graphics for social media, taglines, descriptions, and introductions, featured or popular content, secondary navigation pages, and pages with over three major sections. Remember that the purpose of minimalism is not to make the site less functional but to cut down on the use of unnecessary elements. 

This is like going for the lean and mean group and sticking to the essentials.

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This is how you make the design simple.

Specialised New Zealand web design company knows that minimalist designs must have less shape, colour, lines, texture, content, or type. If you overdo it, the site may end up too bare and boring. To avoid this, make the design appealing by turning one important element as the focal point of the design. You have to choose the element that you will make as the focal point.

White space is important.

White space has the same meaning as minimalism. Web design that does not have white space cannot be minimalist at all. Minimalism means adding more white space than the usual around the site elements. This white space is needed to balance the few elements that appear on the website.

A great wireframe is key.

Designers may add subtle bursts of colour, shapes, typography, and texture. For these to come together designers have to rely on a unique wireframe. With the right wireframe, designers will be able to come up with hierarchy, organisation, and in the process create visual interest. For you to come up with a wireframe, the following has to be done: Decide on the content that you truly need. Produce a list of the content you consider as a priority. Sketch a few wireframes based on that list of priorities for you to experiment with and test for the best visual hierarchy. When you work on the wireframe, you have to think about the placement and consider the visual treatment. 

We at are aware of minimalism and how it adds to your business revenue. Aside from luring in people and increasing site traffic, it can also help you cut back on the cost.
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