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Mobile Web Design Whangarei: Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile Web Design Whangarei: Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

When your website takes too long to load up on screen, users lose interest in a span of just 3 seconds. Yes, 3 seconds and you can say goodbye to a potential customer. But it can be all the more frustrating if you’re using a mobile phone.

The screen of choice for most customers is the smartphone which they use often for shopping and reading. Today, mobile browsing activity now accounts for 70% of web traffic.

This is all the more reason to make your website mobile-responsive.

For companies building their brands online, the first thing on your agenda should be making it simple and easy for your clients to find your business information. Being mobile-responsive is vital for your business’ survival as you want to showcase your latest products and services. As customers now spend most of their time on their phones typically totalling no less than five hours a day.

What is a Mobile-Responsive Website?

Widely adapted in digital campaigns, landing pages bring in conversion-strong traffic, they are the quickest path to a point of sale. Cost-effective and well-targeted, they minimize your PPC spending, yet maximize your customer reach.

When your customers click on a paid ad, they are routed directly into your landing page where users can conveniently find your offer, products or services.  With landing pages, there’s often a sense of urgency with the product or service being featured, so it makes a perfect sales platform for promotions, seasonal items, rebates, tie-ins, subscriptions, free trials, and customer incentives.

Find Out if your Web Page is Mobile-Friendly

Here’s a challenge – is your site mobile-responsive? Are you sure? You can test your site now by using a variety of browsers and devices. Is your site loading to scale? Filling up the screen? Can you navigate without any hitch? If there are no issues, then yes your website is mobile friendly.


Why Do I Need a Mobile-Responsive Page?

To be responsive, the goal here is to make your website look good on all devices from desktop PCs, pads and tablets devices, and yes, smartphones. It’s all about ease of use and consistency.

Here are the current stats about mobile browsing:

Making your website mobile friendly is a continuous process, as with the latest smartphones, you can expect thinner, faster and sleeker versions to come out of the market every year, you can bet there’ll be a lot of transitions between screen sizes. Plus consider the upcoming open-flip smart phones that are foldable and even extend their screen sizes. That’s quite exciting to see, and a good challenge as well to gauge whether your website can adapt to these screen changes. So it’s best to always make room for updates when it comes to mobile browsing.

Are you looking into getting your online presence mobile responsive?

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