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Most Common Web Design Fails

The majority of consumers check out the reviews of a product, service or business online first before deciding. And that, at best, is approximately 97 percent of consumers.

Consumers nowadays judge the credibility of a business or a startup through its website. Gone are the heydays of flashy business cards and the posh office address, buyers are no longer impressed by these things. 

Today, your website is the first thing that your customers will see about your business. It is your best chance to make a good impression and to keep the public informed about your latest offerings.

A badly designed website is not just all horrible fonts, outdated layouts, and pixelated images. There are websites that are not intuitive to the user, they are difficult to navigate and finding the basic info you need often feels like a treasure hunt.

Here are some of the most common failures in web design.

Lack of Proper Planning

A big web design fail is a website built with no site map or planning in mind. This sort of website feels like a home renovation that never ends; you tend to add rooms and stairs that lead nowhere. That is why you really need to plan out your website, know where most of your site users land and bounce. You need to know whether your customers are getting the information they need, or if they are easily getting lost. If customers bounce or get lost – your website’s navigation needs improvement.


In planning a website, it is also important that you plan your content in advance. The content should focus on your brand, your products, and your goals while enticing your website visitors to “go with you.”

Using Flash Content

Macromedia Flash, or simply ‘Flash’, is one of the obsolete technologies in web design. It was big in its day, but no longer. It had its era from 1998 to early naughts. Flash is now superseded by newer technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5. Flash being antiquated can’t be indexed by search engines. The newer technologies are more mobile-friendly, especially considering that more and more people are searching through their mobile devices instead of their computers.

Slow Page Load times

In today’s generation, everyone and everything has to be fast, and webpages are no exception. In fact, people today expect that a web page should load in not more than two seconds. So, if your website takes longer than two seconds to load, then you might want to check out what the problem with it is.

Lack of Optimisation

It is not enough to make your site aesthetically appealing with amazing content and a lot of images. You should also take measures on how your site will tell Google and other search engines the content of each page of your website or else, it won’t be ranked.

Difficult to Navigate

People don’t like it if something is unorganised. Same as your website, it should be organised properly. Everything must be positioned strategically to the fact that your customers can easily browse through your pages, search for the products that they like, and ultimately lead them to the checkout. A seamless browsing experience should be your goal.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Google has now shifted its search algorithm to give priority to mobile-friendly websites than to desktop-optimised only ones. This means that if your site is not designed to be friendly on mobile devices, soon it would just be lost among the swarm of websites and making your efforts to have a higher rank useless.

Today’s technology has given us all the necessary tools to make our web pages run smoothly and efficiently. So, we should use all of them to improve and increase our conversions and draw more people into seeing your products and services.

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