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Whangarei and Northland Web Design: Choosing the right Web Design Company

There are many web design companies out there that offer a variety of web development services. It can be overwhelming to find the right one for your business. So it’s important to understand exactly what to look for, when searching for a web design company.

There are many aspects that business owners must take into account to get the best web design and website services: Starting from the design to the navigation style, server and hosting specifications and having a clear understanding of budget.

Of course pricing matters, but it shouldn’t limit the functionalities and possibilities of your website. The trick is to get the most functional web services and features available to you but also ensure your future goals are known so they can ensure you can build from what you have at a later stage.

Please, please please remember, you can also ask upfront for an estimated web design package that’s within your range and requirements. Don’t hold back on listing what you need when you ask for a web design quote here in Whangarei or wherever you might be.

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Web design agencies such as ourselves can work from anywhere and meet your brief. Don’t think that you have to choose local. Choose what meets your requirements and what you need!

Its always good to have an initial meeting with the potential web agency, so they can advise you on how to structure your website efficiently and stay within cost. 

Cost depends on a variety of factors from the software they use, the server space you need even the number of technical staff that will work on your website.

With that said, laying down the groundwork for your website will help you estimate the project scope. 1768degrees.com will help with this. We believe businesses shouldn’t have to learn web design to get a fully functioning future proofed site. We know web design and Search Engine Optimisation – so when you get us involved we work out what framework for your site will work best.

Much like building a house; cost may increase due to add-ons; features, code customisations and forms. But you can opt to cut down on the bells and whistles, consult and work it out with your web team about the website features you can do without, but still be able to function well as a business website.

Take Time to Know Their Budget

When searching for the right web design company, aiming to keep within your website budget is crucial. Moreover, know what your web professional is willing to take to undertake the work. You don’t want them getting halfway through and decided that it is too difficult to proceed!

 Of course, time and quality is the main consideration for cost. Get a feel of the web expert‘s  price range, know when a web agency is above or below your cost projection. 

Of course, some companies are willing to compromise on cost if your brand brings something new to the table for them. 

Here at 1768degrees.com we offer fixed price quotes. We scope out the work and then provide to our clients fixed price web design. This provides peace of mind that you won’t be left with a sting from the bill or a site not finalised due to concerns over the spiralling cost.

Check their Web Design Portfolio

As one of the tips that you cannot miss, looking at the web design company’s past clients is a must. Every web design company will have a series of their preferred “testimonials” or clients that they will want to show you. However, make sure to always ask about other companies they have worked for that are not publicly on their website or social media channels. 

As a company, we do not list previous clients on our websites. We welcome the opportunity to showcase to you our portfolio in person.

Experience Matters

Ask around and do your research.  It is important to evaluate the many different areas of experience the web design company may have. The reason being is that a web design company may have a well-rounded experience in numerous areas while lacking in another. If they play their strengths well enough, they are more likely to create an impressive website that can blow the competition out of the water.

To add to this, web design has its merry mix of complications. It involves design, web coding, content writing and digital marketing in the form of Search Engine Optimisation coming together seamlessly.

Customer Service Quality

An experienced and sought after web design company should be able to communicate well all the tasks and details of your project. These include the stages of design approvals, layout project, technical SEO audit, and the overall timeframe needed to complete your website.

When they keep the lines open, this is a great indicator of the level of care they take with their clients. Let’s face it not being given a progress update can be anxiety-inducing. As a client, you just want an assurance that a projects goals are being met on time and within budget.

With that in mind, choosing a web design company is not only about knowing their work history and client portfolios, but also creating an amiable partnership with them that can prove to be beneficial for everyone in the long run.

Hopefully you are now fully aware of how to choose your web design expert- be it a web professional or a web agency. Take note that creating a fully-functional and popular website does not happen overnight, it is a long painstaking process of creative collaboration and constant communication. As with any project, often this kind of work relationship can extend for weeks or for a fully functional ecommerce store months. To get things going make sure you both start on the same page. Honesty and transparency is key.

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