Northland Web Design: 5 Big Signs that Say You Need a Website Redesign

Northland Web Design: 5 Big Signs that Say You Need a Website Redesign - 5 signs that say you need a website redesign 01 -

Web Design: 5 Signs that Say You Need a Website Redesign

Most business owners are meticulous about the quality of their products and services. Cultivating great customer service and quality is one of the main ways you can stand out from a competitor. Same thing goes with your company website. 

To build a successful business nowadays, you need a website that represents your brand. It has to represent all your business does offline. Merely being online with a poor presence is not enough. What do you want customers to learn about your business? As a business owner you have to make sure key information can be found directly on the pages of your website? This allows you flexibility in disseminating official information about your brand, and controlling the narrative of your brand’s story.

A company website should be – informative, easy to navigate and engaging to users. You need to have a website that conforms with today’s trends and standards for you to stay relevant in the market and rank highly on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To stay on top of the searches, your website should be:

  1. Technically sound – The site works and functions as it should. This means your website is up to date on the latest code, security measures, frameworks and server side requirements.  
  2. Level of content relevance – you consistently have something fresh to offer to your site visitors. No one likes reading an outdated website with stale news.

For small businesses and startups, there are many affordable design options to improve your website particularly in Whangarei NZ. There are many web designers and web developers  in Whangarei all you need to do is find the right one, or go for a trusted creative web design agency in Northland, such as

If your current website is not bringing in the engagements and conversions your business needs, then consider a website overhaul. Here are some signs to check if your website needs a redesign:

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Your website looks obsolete

Flash animations, looping GIFs, metallic beveled navigation bars and javascripts that preloads glitter bombs. Because its retro doesn’t mean its back. Nothing screams outdated like early editions of HTML. Even if you just go as far back as a year ago, if it’s a design template you just got randomly on the web, this is by now outdated and inefficient. Yes, the signs are obvious, your website is crying out loud for an overhaul.

Every year, the standards and trends in the online world change. This also means more new and innovative tools for better website building are being released. With that, users also expect your website to be on par with the latest standards.

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Your competitors are cutthroat

When your competitors are way ahead in the digital game and investing good money on their digital arm, then take heed, this might be the right time for you to step up. Assess what your website needs. Does it need improvement in the design, navigation, server side or SEO department. At least then you will know what to upgrade when you consult with a web professional.

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Your digital messaging is confusing

How your target audience perceives your brand online is crucial. You do not want to be off the mark. You want your website to convey a clear message and impressive brand vibe.

After all, the majority of users tend research and ‘website check’ before they buy any product or subscribe to a service. You get good results when your website is unique, informative and relevant. So when you do a website redesign, make sure your website is fresh enough to stand out among industry competitors.

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Site visitors don’t become your customers

Be very afraid, when users bounce the minute they land on your page. This means something on your website is off, and you should check thoroughly what’s causing this. Having a website built for client conversion is imperative for the success of your company. Unprofessional-looking websites will drive potential clients from your website, not mentioning the lack of e-commerce features such as fast checkouts, easy billing and payment methods. Make sure that your business offers the safest and latest payment methods as well as the fastest delivery solutions available.

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Accessibility and Screen Issues

A good website can adjust to various screen sizes and resolutions, but now more than ever websites are transitioning into mobile priority mode. Almost everyone in the world now owns at least one smartphone. Everyone is now doing their transactions using their mobile devices whenever and wherever they go. That is why you also need your website to be specially designed to be mobile-friendly. Not only that, but Google also loves mobile-optimised websites, and this shift can help you get on top of the search results. Google has announced this is expected as part of its mobile first policy.

There’s a myriad of reasons to check if your website needs an overhaul. If you think your website has one or more of them, then you might want to consider a redesign with a web design expert as soon as possible. With the web trends and framework developments that are constantly being released, it is important to make your website and your business on par with the current standard.

Talk to us and we’ll give you straight answers on your website redesign. Get your business website mobile-ready and search engine optimized.

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