Why Invest in your very own NZ Online Shopping Website?

Why Invest in your very own NZ Online Shopping Website? - Untitled design 1 -

Why Invest in your very own NZ Online Shopping Website?

Many local NZ merchants and Whangarei companies can greatly benefit by having their own ecommerce site where they can showcase their unique brand of products and services.

New Zealand consumers have given into the daily delight of ‘add to cart’ changing the way they shop and this is happening through the convenience of their mobile devices.

We all know that shopping today now involves searching for products, comparing prices, and looking for the best deals from various online marketplaces. Everything we need is online.

As for NZ business owners, those hoping to expand their physical stores or looking to get into eCommerce selling, having an eCommerce website will give you the advantage of making your products available 24/7, across various time zones and locations.


That said you can have your very own eCommerce store up and ready by having a trusted New Zealand website agency such as 1768degrees.com/web-design to create your website for you. It’s a practical pursuit as it definitely costs a lot less to jumpstart an eCommerce website than build a physical retail business which often requires a large capital just to set up. Alternatively go with 1768degrees.com sister company Digico, and get online in days with a pre-designed template. With the constraints of the current pandemic, its best to invest in an online presence in case of future lockdowns.

Another benefit of online ecommerce is that you can build your business in increments or scale to fit as your business grows.

Build your NZ Brand Online

Online shopping is a huge market that promises big returns for NZ businesses. Here’s the latest surprising stats, Kiwis happen to be big online spenders, and that’s good for the economy:

According to the NZ Herald, Kiwis have spent a good share of their money, amounting to more than $5.8 billion. Their shopping sprees reaching highs of 105 per cent during the Covid-19 alert level 3 season last year.

So what does this mean?

The numbers says it loud and clear: 52% of the NZ adult population is shopping online.

That eCommerce shopping is booming; that Kiwis are doing much of their essential and must-have shopping online. This is not limited just to groceries or household appliances, but extends to hard-to-find and unique items that one can only find in niche stores.

Just to recap – so why should you invest in an e-Commerce website? 

  •  Fastest and easiest way to purchase. NZ customers can hit that buy button, anywhere and anytime – even whilst you sleep. 

  • The convenience of your customers receiving purchase items right at their doorstep. 

  • As an NZ merchant, it will be easier for you to build your niche market and sell your products exclusively.  

  • Lower overhead costs in terms of running your business operations. You can manage your business anywhere you want. 

Do we have you convinced that you should start your eCommerce site today? If you need a competitive boost, we have the right web solutions to get you started. 

When it comes to NZ eCommerce sites, 1768degrees.com can provide the latest and trusted eCommerce solutions to NZ merchants. 

We can help you establish your online presence, build your digital brand, and more importantly, help you measure data and know what your shoppers are interested in. We’ll design your online store efficiently and effectively that’s tailored to your market niche.  

Make bank with your products and services today! Let customers know you’re just a click away. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to start your online business. 

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