NZ Web Design Agency : A Power Guide to Web Designing for SEO – 6 Best Tips!

NZ Web Design Agency : A Power Guide to Web Designing for SEO - 6 Best Tips! - web design. -

Hear ye, hear ye! For those who are planning to come up with a new site or to redesign your current one, it would be best to keep in mind the best practices for web design to ensure better SEO results. Google and other search engines continuously change their ranking factors. However, several website design elements are highly valued by customers and it’s significant to make sure that these are implemented correctly. Here are some invaluable insights on how to design an SEO-friendly website.

Higher conversation rates are not only a wish

Web design always influences conversion. In fact, 48 percent of people think of web design as the most significant factor they consider when measuring a site’s credibility.

No wonder a minute change in website design can influence conversion rates. Apart from an increase in conversions, a much better web design may also lead to a reduced bounce rate, increase in traffic, and increase in browsing time on the site. Here are some tips on what to do to ensure higher conversion rates: keeping your branding consistent across all channels, always keeping the minimalist design through simplifying the UI/UX elements, and adding real-time customer support such as having a live chat feature on the site.

Make sure that your site offers a consistently productive mobile experience

The mobile-first indexing of Google is now in full swing. This only means that web designers have to ensure that sites must have a mobile design that gives site users a positive experience. These are some steps you can take for making your site design mobile-friendly. These include providing simple site navigation, clutter reduction and using a minimalist design, using larger text with sufficient white spaces, using Google’s open-source initiative to increase the speed for mobile users, and increasing the sizes of the site’s control areas.

Make sure you optimise every page of your site

One element to investigate is the page heading hierarchy. It’s significant to have an H1 heading on top of the page while the succeeding headings H2 and H3 follow in the corresponding order. Doing this helps search engine crawlers to understand and index your site content and structure. 

Page titles and metadata must also be optimised. Make sure you use the targeted keyword in your title tags and metadata and that these are unique.

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Strike a balance between length and quality content

Long content often exudes expertise to search engines but it is mostly frowned upon by site users. Besides not all content should be long form. It’s worth considering that every site only has 8 seconds to catch the attention of users. Some content such as FAQs and an elaborate description of the products and services including features and benefits may have to be in long form. Make sure to break long passages and to write short sentences to ensure ease of reading.

Images must be high-quality but in small sizes

Most users look for search results that include images. Web designers must include high-quality images on every web page. These images are most often associated with the company’s brand. It is significant to optimize the file sizes of the images used on the site. This will make sure that the page will load faster when accessed. You may resort to compression to reduce the file sizes of your images with comprising its quality of resolution.

Set a limit to your usage of JavaScript

JavaScript can hinder search engines from crawling and indexing your site content. That’s why it is not recommended to use this heavily. It may result in the slow indexing of your site. Instead, use HTML and limit JavaScript only to the essential parts. Remember that it’s hard to rank when your site is not indexed.

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