Open Letter to all New Zealand Businesses

Open Letter to all New Zealand Businesses - 1768 open letter -

COVID-19 is impacting all business day to day operations. Each week the impact becomes ever more significant to New Zealand businesses.

Following New Zealand going to ‘Alert Stage 2’ and all New Zealanders being asked to limit social interaction, it’s clear that social distancing is going to be with us for the foreseeable future, changing the way we all interact with businesses and each other.

The impact this will have on businesses is yet unknown but it is clear that it will be significant. 

As a digital marketing agency, we know we must do our part during this difficult time. Here are the steps are taking to support businesses in these unprecedented times:

  1. So all businesses know where they stand digitally – all comprehensive website audit fees are being waived until further notice. There is no obligation to use us afterwards – we want businesses to have this information freely so they can work with whoever they choose to combat any downturn in their business.
  2. To help with cash flow – if your business is significantly struggling, we are offering free hosting for your website during this pandemic.
  3. For all customers, we are waiving all costs related to website migrations.
  4. If your website is not up to par and needs a refresh or complete overhaul in readiness for this post COVID-19 world, we are offering interest free payments over 12 months on all custom sites.
  5. For businesses without a web presence, the cost of getting online shouldn’t be a barrier. We will build you a template based non e-commerce website (still optimised for Google) tailored to your brand and industry for $200 + GST including one year domain registration.
  6. Appearing organically on Google remains the most important way to grow your business, now more than ever. Monthly/quarterly onsite SEO audits will be, during this pandemic, included for free for all hosted sites.
  7. We are happy to undertake work for businesses on contra deals and payment in kind. Even if that payment in kind is passed forward into the communities in which we live, we will accept that as payment. We know cash needs to remain within your business, and at this time all we may be able to give is our own services to those around us.

Before making New Zealand my home, I led business support programmes across the UK for both the UK Government and European Union.  I then led business support and tourism programmes within Northland. Since then, I have established my own digital agency and throughout my career, have repeatedly seen how businesses are the positive change within communities.  I believe the only way to get through these times is for everyone to do their bit to help one another. This is our bit to support the country I love and am proud to call home.  

We would encourage all businesses receiving support from through our COVID-19 support relief programme to ‘pass kindness forward’ within the community in which you operate. Even if that is collecting groceries for a vulnerable neighbour, we must remember that only together can we truly make a difference.

We are a small digital marketing agency and so whilst we are extending our hours, we ask that whenever possible you email us.

Adam Worley
Founder -

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