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Creating a powerful and impactful website requires a reliable web host at its core. Several factors rely on the web host: levels of site security, amount of disk space, bandwidth, and uptime.  

You can rely on 1768 Degrees’ partnership with Sitehost, that makes use of the Google Cloud platform for hosting data and infrastructure. Through this, we will make sure that your site will have the highest loading speed, best scalability, and level of reliability in different geographical locations. 

Our website can rely on the powerful SuperCacher system and properly maintained servers. HTTPS is used for all sites and it includes a free SSL certificate with all hosting plans.  

We also offer flexible features for our sites. Everything is scalable. Once there is a traffic spike, the storage and bandwidth will be there to compensate and make the site scalable too. Data backup are done every day. 

Choose among these options: silver, bronze, and platinum hosting plans. Every hosting plan includes different levels of technical support and changes.  

SEO Services

When it comes to SEO, content will always be king.  

We at 1768degrees.com say good content that is. It’s because good writing that is engaging and informative has the power to make users stay on the site. With SEO content, we make sure that your content is not only entertaining and informative but also keyword rich and geo-targeted to your needs. This means that the content is meant to attract users that you like to have.  

One other thing is that we create content that deals with your specific brand. In time, you will see how pages of copies and articles can bring in the traffic for your site to be visible on the search engines. We also make sure to maximize the lifecycle of your site’s content. With high-quality content, users are more likely to react, comment, and best of all share.  

Queenstown top facts:

Queenstown’s Maori name is Tahuna which means shallow bay.  

The first non-Maori settlers settled in 1853 when European Nathanael Chalmers was guided by the chief of the Tuturau to view the Waimea Plains and Mataura River. The first Europeans to officially settle in the area were William Gilbert Rees and Nicholas von Tunzelmann 

There are many versions of the account on how the place got its name, but the most possible is that a couple of miners and Irish folks who settled in the area were interested in a celebration held for a town named Cobh in Ireland. The town was renamed Queenstown in 1850 in honor of Queen Victoria. As a result, this town on the lake was officially renamed Queenstown in reference to the Queenstown of Ireland. Queenstown is popular for commerce-oriented tourism such as adventure and ski tourism. It is also known as the base for exploring historic mining towns as well as vineyards.  

Queenstown is the home of your ultimate adventure bucket list. skydiving, jet boating, horse trekking, river rafting, canyon swinging, and bungy jumping.  

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you will easily recognize Middle Earth locations. Here are some of the best activities to try while in Queenstown: 


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