Recognizing the Principles of Website Design

Recognizing the Principles of Website Design

What do you think defines successful website design? It’s not the visual design that tells the success or failure of a website, but its usability and utility.

The standard approach for web site design is applying a user-centric approach because, in the end, it’s the user alone who will decide whether to use the site or not. No, it’s not about design implementation. Instead, it is about knowing the main principles of good website design whether that design is for a business in the Cape or the Bluff and inbetween.

For people to understand the principles of design, it is significant for us to understand how people think when they interact with a website and what the basic patterns of their behavior are when they go online.

The users’ habits when buying in a physical store are generally the same as when they buy or visit a site. They don’t look at everything on the page; they click on the first link that catches their attention. This actually leads us to one of the major principles of web design.

The site has to accommodate all of the users’ needs. With the site having a clear intention on all the web pages, it’s easy for the user to interact with what the business offers. Figure out what the purpose of the site is. Is it to provide practical and useful information like a how-to guide? Is it to provide entertainment news? Or is it to sell a particular product or service to users? There could be different purposes to a website, but there are common core purposes of website creation. These are as follows:

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