Responsive Web Design NZ : More Than Just a Trend

Responsive Web Design NZ : More Than Just a Trend - Responsive Web Design More Than Just a Trend -
Responsive Web Design NZ : More Than Just a Trend - Responsive Web Design More Than Just a Trend mobile -

Responsive Web Design: More Than Just a Trend

In 2015, Google sent out a major change in its search engine algorithms. It has included mobile presence as a signal for ranking. This is enough reason why it is important to have a responsive web design for your site. Responsive web design means that your site is mobile device friendly. If it is not, you are losing a huge percentage of leads that could turn into sales to your competitors. We are now in 2020 and Google has made it clear – mobile first is a must and has to be present.

Understanding Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) creates a system intended for a single site that will react to the size of the device the user is using with only one URL and content source. It is characterised by a fluid and a flexible layout that can adjust according to the size of a screen. One of the important reasons for an RWD is that it gives users optimized browsing experience. This makes sure that your site will appear great regardless if the user uses a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop. That is why responsive web design is not just a trend but rather one of the major considerations when building a site. It has become a requirement.

A site that has responsive web design has the following elements:

Best Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

The major advantage of responsive web design on your site is the guarantee that any user may have the best experience ever when visiting your site. Imagine when your user is stuck during their daily commute and starts to browse on your site. If the site is created on responsive web design, it’s likely the user won’t even notice that he has been sitting there for thirty minutes now and most importantly now finds your site credible and will certainly check out your physical store soon or on a tablet and laptop when they can.

Site responsiveness also allows you to refine the content of your site. This makes sure that users on different mobile devices are only accessing information that is most valuable to them. Another thing is that due to the Google update, responsive web design makes sure that your site has high visibility on search engines because the site is mobile friendly.

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We take responsive web design seriously and in fact, it remains to be our main principle of design because we know any site won’t thrive without it.

How It Influences Any Business

Responsive web design is important for any business that wants to have a site. Is there any business that has not thought about that yet? Site responsiveness ensures the increased reach of customers and clients even on tinier devices such as tablets and smartphones. Any user would also have a consistent and pleasant user experience which could result in lead generation, sales, and sales conversions. You can also do analytics, reporting, and tracking in a single place. The business can also cut back on the time and cost of on-site content management. Through site responsiveness, you may also end up as the leader of the pack. You’ll be surprised by how many large companies don’t have mobile-friendly sites.

If you are aiming for a business-oriented site or any site at that, it is already assumed that you will be hiring a Whangarei web design company, or the firm you have faith in. However, before you pick a particular web design company, it helps you to be more familiar with the best practices of responsive web design.

You see it’s just like having a relationship from the start. Make sure that there is no friction. A mobile-first approach to a responsive design makes it easier for web designers to assess what is important for the user to achieve their site goal. As the designers build up the site from phase 1, it would be the time to think of the secondary objectives along with the user flows, micro-interactions, and CTAs or calls to action which all make the client’s objectives easy to achieve. The important element is to focus on the primary goal first and to get rid of any friction.

Site responsiveness can be tricky regardless of the web design Whangarei firm you hired. Users interact on their desktop computers through clicks while mobile users interact by way of taps and swipes. Even the physicality has its differences. A desktop has its hardware on top of a surface while mobile devices end up on the hands of their users. Such differences influence the way mobile designers tap targets and other significant IU elements that users interact with. A web designer must know this by heart along with the intricacies of making a site more appealing to a mobile gaming device even if it’s not about games.

Mobile hardware which is made up of GPS services, device cameras, and the likes is not reserved for apps. And the golden rule in responsive web design is that it is not only about making everything fit together. Most of all it is about how to adapt the capabilities of the device. The fact that mobile devices have easy to use cameras, there are micro-interactions that can be easily done on smaller screens for as long as sites take advantage of its native hardware. An example of this is photo sharing on any social media site can be easily done because the media is already stored on your device.

Not each user will have a maximized desktop browser. Designers have to consider the breakpoints of devices that users often use today. Aside from that, they also have to consider everything that happens in between those breakpoints. It is important that responsive breakpoints are used to make sure of the content and layout to reflow to a new different device. To account for all the possible sizes in between, the layouts have to be fluid which means that they can naturally adapt. Apparently, fluidity is not a concept relevant only to gender.

Okay so there’s responsive breakpoints, but don’t forget that mobile viewports can also be displayed through landscape orientation. It is crucial for designers to consider designing landscape breakpoints too.

We at have been adopting mobile responsive design even when it was only a trend. Well, that’s because we make sure you’re always ahead of the pack too.

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