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Site reliability is one aspect that has a great impact on web design. With site reliability, it does not only mean having a professional-looking site but also one that won’t give issues of crashing, breaking, or simply going bonkers. All these would be disastrous for your online business. This is even worse if you have a DIY site, and you don’t know some fixes. In that sense, it can become a recurring problem.  

We at 1768degrees.com build sites to the highest standards. As we live and breathe web design, if the worst does occur we can fix things. No longer do you need to rely on just good old kiwi inginuity. 

We are aware that websites that receive even a modest amount of traffic have to be receiving constant care and attention. 

Lets face it. Most of us expect a site to work. We then judge a site purely by how it looks. Your business site needs to have unique web design that is easy to navigate. There are many elements to consider for ensuring an exceptional site design.  

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About Our SEO Services

When it comes to search engine optimisation, you would always hear the saying, “Content is king.” For us, this must include a modifier to word content which is quality. Yes, quality content does wonders to make your business site visible online.  

Content is a crucial aspect of the site’s foundational design. It’s the content that the search engine algorithms focus on outside of the site’s framework of codes. By coming up with a content strategy that addresses the users’ needs and preferences ensures a great user experience on the site.  

There are many great advantages to creating and providing high-quality content. High-quality content establishes brand messaging and a highly unique vision. It also attracts a large number of followers and it calls the attention of authority sites. This type of content also builds a solid and loyal following. Content must do one or more of the following; inform, educate, enlighten, and update users. It’s also through high-quality content that high-performing keywords and content trends are determined. 

Our aim is to have SEO-targeted content that can bring in organic results. With us, we make sure that every word counts. We use high-targeted long-tail keywords or exact match keywords. We work on ranking these SEO keywords and provide the best approaches to widening the reach. 

 We value quality content even during the site launch since this is the earliest text that search engines will explore. Here the content must not only have the right keywords but must also include the meta description of your brand.  

Porirua: The history the places, the people…

  • Porirua, one of the four cities that compose the Wellington metropolitan area.  
  • Porirua surrounds the entire Porirua Harbour which is located at the southern end of the Kapiti Coast. 

Porirua is a word of Maori origin. It may be considered as a variant of pari-rua which means two sides which is a reference to the two arms of the Porirua Harbour. 

A small European settlement blossomed during the 19th century. This is brought about by the ferry across the harbour 

The first McDonald’s restaurant in the country opened in Porirua on 7 June 1976. The first Golden Arches was also opened in Central Porirua in 1976 where a Big Mac was sold for 75 cents. 

Web Design and SEO Services Porirua - 1768 degrees logo -

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