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The Cost of a Mobile Website

Today’s generation is a bunch of natural tech navigators. Smartphones have become ubiquitous, no one leaves home without one. All the more screen time becomes prevalent anywhere and everywhere. 

In fact, we rely on smartphones in everything we do – from searching for stuff, organising our schedules, and reminding us of to-do’s, to booking airline tickets, hailing taxis, and even paying for the things we purchase. 

The desktop PC is no longer king and most of our web activity has now shifted to mobile devices. By now, your website should conform to the latest mobile standards, or else, you would lose not just potential customers, but the chance to get indexed by search engines such as Google.

That is the reason why a lot of businesses are now investing in a quality mobile website. One may ask how much a mobile friendly website costs? Well, there are a lot of factors to consider when having a mobile website built.

Mobile Website Cost Estimates

For a basic mobile-friendly website for your business, you should budget around a thousand dollars and with some companies add ons such as bandwidth, SSL certificates and alike are extras. At 1768degrees.com we offer wherever possible (subject to fair usage) unlimited bandwidth and SSL certificates are included.

A mobile-optimised website will take slightly longer to develop than a laptop/PC only website. There is extra testing and evaluation to do as screen sizes and dimensions differ. Mobile websites also require different kinds of graphics, functionalities, and even SEO-targeted content. If you are getting a website built this decade, then it has to be mobile friendly – not only are your customers expecting to be able to use your site on devices of their choosing (which FYI is predominantly mobile) but Google makes it almost a mandatory requirement that you must have a mobile friendly site to be considered to be indexed by Google.

Nothing beats a mobile website that’s designed to be engaging and responsive.

How much does shifting to a mobile website cost?

Here’s a basic question: how old is your current website?

Shifting to mobile would actually depend on how the old website was built and developed. Websites built for desktop PCs are no longer a priority, and simply upgrading it isn’t worth the time or effort. Once must have relic technologies such as Flash are no longer supported by browsers. Designs have progressed, customers expectations have increased and functionality is ever more affordable, so if your previous website has multiple errors and Google ‘errors’ – bite the bullet and start from scratch.

On a global average, an independent mobile-targeted website can cost around $3000 to $25,000. But just to reiterate, the mobile web development prices vary widely based on what you need done.

So it’s best to discuss your needs with a developer and get an initial quote.

Getting it on with the times and the second decade of the mobile era is crucial for your business to survive. Mobile-friendly websites now appear higher in search engine results, and it is a major ranking indicator, so this ensures that any effort to shift towards having a mobile-friendly website would be well worth it.

Developing a Mobile-Friendly Website in Whangarei

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