​The Cost of Web Design Services in Auckland and Whangarei

Let’s break it down into 3 parts. There are two ‘standard’ services that are quite universal and there’s no way you can do without it.

​The Cost of Web Design Services in Auckland and Whangarei - 1 sm 1 1 -

Web Hosting

If you want a website, first you need your website hosted on a server. With the way the web is structured, websites are placed on servers. These hosting servers display this data on browsers, so anyone in the world with access to an electronic device can view your website on their screens.

Thinking of it like a parking slot, you have a car (which is your website) and your car needs a space to park in. And that space comes with a monthly or annual hosting fee.

 This is just a simple explanation, but really if you want a lot of technical details, all of it boils down to programming code and server hosting technology, bandwidth, physical undersea cables, and server hardware in some temp-controlled room in multiple countries. Yes, that pretty much sums up how an average hosting provider is set-up to accommodate websites. But then there are countries with lax digital laws, those such as the states where the government has a right of access and those where privacy is taken seriously. 

And an average hosting fee varies on the size of your files (text, images, videos) and the bandwidth you need. Monthly fees are around $15 to $300 NZD. You can get a customised deal, but check what the hosting provider is offering exactly, they usually give a bullet list of the services you are paying for. Many of the cheaper hosting, particularly those you buy direct don’t include back up or security updates for your website. In a way this isn’t true hosting but is provided by most web developers to ensure your site is safe. If they aren’t ask questions.

​The Cost of Web Design Services in Auckland and Whangarei - 2sm 1 1 -

Domain Name

Your domain name is your internet address. Every website has one, even the free-hosted ones. 

An example of a famous domain is amazon.com, govt.nz, auckland.sae.edu

Did you notice the domain name extension? The .com, .nz, and . edu

Those extensions say much about the institutions they represent, some domains are regulated like the .edu and .gov

These are only given to legitimate government departments and educational institutions. As for .coms, now those are often on a first-to-register basis. 

Now your website needs a domain name if it’s hosted on a server. Getting one will cost you $50 on average and that’s for domain registration and annual renewal services. This will typically be for a .com with .co.nz setting you back approximately $100. You can also pay monthly which will cost around $9-$12 which depends on the provider. If you find a domain name promo, you can get a domain name for as low as $5 for your first year, then a regular annual rate for succeeding years. If you go with 1768degrees.com we include your domain name in your annual hosting fee. We will then manage your domain on your behalf, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

​The Cost of Web Design Services in Auckland and Whangarei - 3 sm 1 1 -

Web Design Services

Now that you know the two ‘standard’ costs – Hosting and Domain Name. The third cost is the biggest one and there’s no standard rate for this.

Because the third one is your website design service, and the price for web design varies per provider and with the kind of website you need.

So out there right now, you can get a starter website like a single pager or one-scroll site that contains all the info you want, and that can start around $400.

Then you can find those who offer package plans. These are convenient bundles that can include hosting and domain name costs. And they can offer you more pages for your site, these can range from $600-$1,500 for standard 3 page brochure sites that covers your home page, about us, and services page.

A small to medium enterprises with pages starting from 5 to 9 pages packages can cost between $1,500 to $3,500. Some Whangarei based web designers charge upwards of $6,000 so its worth checking. A web design agency can start to put in important services that can help your website thrive like Search Engine Optimisation services, creative content, chatbots, and contact forms. 

eCommerce websites are the behemoth of websites. These sites really start small, but are meant to scale up as your company and inventory grows. There’s so much more work involved and dyanmism naturally this will cost more. Starting with at least $2,500 for a basic eCommerce setup which includes some products, shopping cart and payment authentication system in place.

Just what makes a website go an enterprise level? A premium website such as a high-level eCommerce site, financial data website, complex data gathering sites, gaming sites (casinos and massive multi-player systems), online training websites, video streaming sites. These are websites that breed their own culture and massive following, so these will cost $10,000 onwards to fully develop. Besides programming, there’s a lot of user and developer testing involved. These are the kind of sites that will run up to a year to develop on average.

Custom websites for specialized requirements (government, data and security) can start way over $7,500 in terms of scope.

How do find the right Web Design and Web Development Agency?

The best thing about looking for a suitable web design provider is that you can find everything you need online. Most creative web agencies have their websites, their fees and capabilities online. 

The best part of the process starts with you, just know what you want and make a list of what you need. Then ask for a quote.

Ideally, shop around and look for a capable web agency or web designers with a good portfolio and completion track record. By outlining what you specifically need, you will find your reasonable quote this way. You can even have an initial meeting to sort things out. Beyond price, also take into account the timeframe in the quote and the kind of technology and software they are using.

Web agencies are used to this process and would welcome your prospective business even if you’re just looking into it.

Need a quality website at the best price possible?

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