Top Web Design Trends in 2020

Top Web Design Trends in 2020 - Top web design trend 2020 -

The year 2020 will be unforgettable. It’s one of the rare times when the entire world goes through a pandemic. However, it is not the only element that makes this year memorable should you say. No one can deny the fact that being cooped up in our homes for longer than usual has become more bearable due to internet technology. Web design plays a major factor in making the internet more accessible and enjoyable for users. 

This year’s web design focuses more on intuitiveness and clarity of usage. Since the online environment is filled to the brim with information and lots of stimuli, it has become more crucial for websites to be clearer in delivering messages to the users. Here are some web design trends that make sure sites are clear and uncluttered and yet still filled with relevant content and visuals.   

1. Oversized Site Type and Elements

To be able to communicate without glitches and instantaneously, websites prefer large and prominent elements such as fonts, full-screen images and videos, bold text, and even oversized icons, particularly for menus. 

Large elements are easy to see and they help to tell the users what the site is all about without difficulty. These enlarged elements also look great on any screen size. This trend may only be possible, however, when you reduce the number of elements on the page. Bear in mind that if there are too many huge features the site may appear to be overwhelming. 

The usual thing designers do is to have a full-screen image or video and pair it with large typography. 

2. Lots of White Space

White space is also known as negative space. It refers to the spaces that fall between design elements. This is the space that gives the page or screen a balanced look and feel. It is just called white space, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be white. It can be of any color you can use for the background. This includes the space between lines or text columns. It also includes the space between two images as well as the margins around the page.

White space gives users a breather. It can help to enhance legibility and also aids in highlighting important design elements such as call-to-action buttons and independent sections. In general, it helps to minimize clutter and make the site look more organized and appealing.

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3. Minimalism

Minimalism is a classic design and has been around for a while now. Forms and features of minimalism have changed over the years, but its few essentials remained the same such as elegance, simplicity, and usability. This can mean a lot to web designers such as minimalistic graphics, narrow color palettes, subdued colors, minimal text, and site navigation. With minimalism, the focus shifts from how to find information to engaging with information yourself. A popular means of adopting minimalism is to ditch a heavy paragraph of text and use a high-quality image or video that would convey the same message as the text’s but in a more attractive and encouraging means. 

Keep in mind that minimalism and functionality have to come together. To ensure better website navigation, make sure that you don’t cram up all related information in one section. Make it easy for your users to find the information about your services or products, your contact details, and FAQs regarding your business.

Too much, too weary. We don’t want that on your site. So we KISS: Keep it simple and sexy. That’s how we want your site to be. 

4. Hand-Drawn Site Elements

The human-centered approach is now on a renaissance. A good example of this is hand-drawn elements. This can be a handwritten lettering, cartoon illustration, and drawn icons. Technology these days brings emotions, personal touch, and humanity. Hand-drawn graphics radiate positivity, friendliness, and soulfulness. Through hand-drawn elements, designers could show their clients their level of creativity and imagination.

You have to be aware that not all professional websites would benefit from illustrations. That’s why it’s better to consult a professional web designer before you decide on using hand-drawn elements.

We at have been using these trends for some time now. Yes, we don’t want to be the last ones to know. 

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