Unlimited Changes For Your Website

Unlimited Changes For Your Website

We all like Unlimited. Unlimited data (thanks 2 degrees!), unlimited icecream, unlimited drink refills, unlimited visits to the buffet, unlimited binge watching of your favourite TV Series. But how can you have unlimited when it comes to your website?

We toyed with several ideas, here’s but a selection.

In reality who needs unlimited websites – except other website developers then reselling our services at over inflated prices.

It isn’t possible – whilst we don’t specifically set maximum thresholds we reserve the right to restrict bandwidth usage for the benefit and protection of all clients.

Whilst we don’t charge for client review meetings, or client meetings for that matter they aren’t unlimited. We need to be in the office working at some point and our loved ones wouldn’t be happy if we played catch up each evening.

So okay, this was our CEO’s idea, until he realised he couldn’t then eat the chocolate – to which this was soon scrapped as an idea at all. Now we list it on our website so it is forever enshrined that such an idea passed his lips.

Still uncertain? Talk to us!

Unlimited Changes For Your Website - un2 -

Soon we settled on focusing on the biggest bug bear within the industry. Changes. Not making changes to your website is deadly. Deadly for your website and for your search ranking. If your site isn’t being found, then either you are a big corporate, have no competitors (hello Councils across NZ) or you are burying your head in the sand and will be out of business before the year is out.

But ask businesses why they are not updating their website and their reasons vary. ‘It is too difficult’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘The CMS is not functioning’, ‘I am worried by what my website development company will charge’.

The reasons vary but the end outcome is the same. Sites which are not updated.

We don’t want our clients to fall into this trap and so we considered what can we all as business owners do typically really well, and came up with one answer – email. We love email. So what if we created a service where clients can email their change requests through to 1768degrees.com, for us to then action on the clients website.

No more needing as business owners to work out how to resize images, or layout text in a format alien to your day-to-day. No more I will do tomorrow when I get five minutes, yet as business owners you don’t get those five minutes.

Our clients update their sites with more content, change images more frequently and provide articles more frequently. Whether that is because its easier or because if they have paid for it they will use it, we don’t know. But what we know is, more frequently updated sites result in higher rankings from Google.

Please note that whilst the service is unlimited all requests are queued and are dealt with on that basis. If you are late with getting an article up, we will of course try and assist but if it’s the tenth time of ‘Its urgent, can you please…’ other clients requests will be undertaken first.

So let's get talking! Let's get things done.

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