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Hamilton Web Design Services

For your business to stand out from your competition, you need to have a website and website design that caters to the needs and preferences of your target consumers.  

We at 1768degrees.comare a premier web design and SEO specialist marketing agency here in New Zealand. We ensure that our client’s web designs are responsive, mobile-friendly, fast loading, and represent our clients online brand beautifully.  

We will provide you not only a professional-looking site, but one we stand behind every step of the way when we host it. 

We also make sure that your site design is unique to your brand. We ensure it is easy to navigate ensuring a customer knows exactly where to go when on your website. 

Hamilton Bespoke Web Design 

Our bespoke web design service ensures that your site loads fast. We guarantee this on all bespoke web design and build services. By using Google as our hosting partner and optimising for site speed, we are certain that your site loads fast – a key metric for ranking effectively on Google. 

Hamilton SEO Services

1768degrees.com can get your business to the top of Google. We do this through search engine optimisationSEO is a tough job. It is time-consuming and labour-intensive for the most part.  

We know how ranking first on Google can do wonders for any business as potential customers search for their business. Targeting customers actively searching for a product and service has to be the most effectively way to gain new customers.   

Continuously changing Google algorithms set the ground rules on how any website will be found by searchersAs such SEO is an ever changing requirement, requiring continual changes to ensure best practice is followed. 

SEO enhances the potential of any business and most of the purchases online are a result of what the customers see and read online. According to studies, 90 percent of customers rely on finding various brands and services through online means. That’s why it’s not surprising to know that most consumers discover the brands they patronise through digital means. 

The team at 1768degrees.com undertake  market research to determine what users are searching for about your brand. We are equipped with the necessary tools and skills which include content creation services, site audit skills, keyword research skills, and access to world leading SEO tools.  

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Fun Facts about Hamilton

Hamilton is the fourth-most populous city of New Zealand. In 2020, Hamilton won the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Award and named most beautiful large city. 

The area which is now covered by the entire city used to be composed of Maori villages which include Kirikiriroa, from which the city took its Maori name. The villages were abandoned during the English invasion since lands were confiscated by the Crown. 

It used to be an agricultural region, but today, it has a diverse economy. It is also the third-fastest growing urban area in the country, following Pukekohe and Auckland. 

Hamilton City has 40,000 tertiary students and 1,000 Ph.D. scientists. 

The Hamilton Gardens is the most popular tourist attraction in Hamilton.  

The average summer temperature in Hamilton is 21C while in Winter it drops to a typical 14C. 

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