Web Design and SEO Tauranga – 3 SEO Benefits to Invest In

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SEO or Search Engine  Optimisation can do wonders for your business. First of all, it is essential to advancing the site within your industry or service sectorThe impact of SEO can vary depending on the duration SEO is applied to a site, the competition within an industry and the SEO techniques applied.

Ranking first on Google, can also help build business credibility. Through SEO, companies will be able to reach their target audience at a time the businesses services are being actively sought 

SEO does not only allow the business to rank ahead of its competitors; it also helps to improve user experience brought about by a more natural site navigation. Effective SEO should also ensure the site speed is not impacted over time, allowing customers to shop and browse easily and meet Google’s requirements to rank effectively. 

SEO also produces more permanent results, unlike other marketing methods that only bring about results for a limited time. An example of this is the traditional newspaper advertisement. SEO remains to be a highly efficient marketing strategy used in the market today, which results in a faster return of investment or ROI.

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Given the significance of SEO, 1768degrees.com undertake a full audit to find the most-searched keywords in the niche your business operates within. 

We have a proven method of creating content using these keywords. Time is always of the essence when the goal is for the business to be visible in search engines. This is why we provide advice on the quality content to use as well as ensuring any site built by our team meets best practice SEO standards. 

Bespoke Web Design Services: Tauranga

We know how valuable it is for any business to have bespoke web design. Every business has its own site requirements and specifications. What makes 1768degrees.com different is that we design your site intending to rank on Google. That’s why we not only lay the groundwork for achieving a solid digital foundation; we also make sure that the site will look great regardless of the device used for viewing or accessing it.  

We ensure that our sites have a responsive design. When it comes to responsive design, size does matterIt also means that the website has to load fast, so customers don’t give up and go elsewhere.  

With 1768degrees.com, your site is in good hands. We back this with all bespoke web design coming with a 12 month site health guarantee, initial design mock ups before proceeding further and (wherever possible) offering a fixed price quote for work. 

Tauranga is Top!

Tauranga is New Zealand’s fifth-most populous city, and is also one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, with an increase in the population of 14 percent between 2001 to 2006 and 11 percent between 2006 and 2013 based on census data. Because of its fast growth of population. 

Visitors and international tourists have a lot of things to enjoy in Tauranga. The city is home to the iconic Mauao volcano as well as the dreamy-looking Mount Maunganui beach. The following are some of the interesting must-do activities to do while in Tauranga. 

Climbing the Mount Maunganui or Mauao 

Mount Maunganui is an extinct volcano just across the harbour from the city. The word Mauao means caught by down. You will find several walking tracks in the area. It often takes an hour to go around the pohutukawa trees. It is a steep climb, but at the summit, you will be mesmerized by the 360-degree view of the Bay of Plenty coastline and the Tauranga town centre. The mountain is also surrounded by two scenic coastlines Mount Maunganui Beach and Pilot Bay. 

Sail to an Uninhabited Island in a Catamaran 

A short ride in a catamaran along the coast will lead you to Whakatāne. You may sail off to Moutohora Island, a wildlife reserve located along the Bay of Plenty coast.  With a bit of luck, you will be able to find native wildlife like penguins and fur seals on the shore. You may also go snorkeling around the island to appreciate its beautiful marine life. 

Visit a Historic Village 

You may set back in time by taking a leisurely stroll along the cobbled streets of the Historic Village. The street is packed with several secret nooks, eclectic artisans, and kawaii cafes. It’s the best place to while away time. You will also find several art studios in the area such as the Turner Gallery and the Imprint Gallery.  

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