Does Web Design Change Based on Where You Are in NZ?

Does Web Design Change Based on Where You Are in NZ? - Does Web Design Change Based on Where You Are in NZ -

New Zealand is a huge island country which is divided into the North Island and the South Island along with about 600 smaller islands (approx) around it! For anyone who intends to have his or her site designed in New Zealand, does web design differ across New Zealand? The following are some of the most notable places in New Zealand:

The Cape or Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga is the northernmost point in the North Island of New Zealand. This area is spiritually important to the local Maori people, and they call this Te Rerenga Wairua. There stands a pohutukawa tree which is 800 years old. According to legend, the spirits of the deceased depart from New Zealand through the tree and towards their spiritual homeland known as Hawaiki. The nearest considerably larger town is Kaitaia which is 1.5 hours away. This part of New Zealand is filled with dramatic views, with the two oceans meeting.

The Bluff

The Bluff is found in (almost) the southernmost part of New Zealand. It’s a seaport town which used to be called Campbelltown. It was one of the earliest areas in New Zealand where a European community was established. The first European settlers arrived in the area in 1823 or 1824. Its port is the gateway to Stewart Island. This place is also known as the home of oysters, and it is reputed to be the best in the entire world. The Foveaux Strait where the iconic Bluff oyster has been harvested for more than 100 years is one of the oldest commercial fisheries in the island country. It is available in the months of March to August. (This is a date for your diary!) During May, the Bluff Oyster and Food Festival is celebrated, which draws thousands of visitors around the world. The Bluff is rich and is varied in terms of history.


Auckland is located in the North Island of New Zealand. It is a metropolitan city and is the most populous in the country. It is known for its diversity and being multicultural. It is also known for having the largest Polynesian population all over the world. In the Maori language, Auckland is called Tāmaki Makaurau. It literally means “Tāmaki desired by many” as it refers to its natural resources that are desired by many. It has hills that are covered in lush rainforests and 53 dormant volcanoes. Aucklanders are generally warm people and whilst here at we like to believe the phrase ‘JAFA’ stands for Just another friendly Aucklander, due to the density of population in Auckland many areas use the phrase to mean something slightly different!


Wellington is New Zealand’s capital. It’s on the southwestern point of the North Island. Wellington is known to be the windiest city in the country according to the average wind speed. It makes up the major population in the southern North Island. Wellington’s position as the capital of New Zealand is not based on legislation but convention. The city prides itself on several architectural sights such as Old Government Buildings which is one of the biggest wooden buildings in the world and the Beehive, which is the executive wing of the Parliamentary Buildings. It has the reputation of the coolest little capital in the world, a title we think it truly deserves!


Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. It is the second-most populous city in the island country. In the center of the city flows the Avon River. It also has an urban park found along the banks. According to archeological finds, people first settled in Christchurch in 1250. It became a city through a Royal Charter on July 31, 1856. This makes Christchurch the oldest established city in the country. The city’s economy is anchored on agriculture. In 2012 Christchurch was devastated by earthquakes. The resilience of Christchurch should never be underestimated with the CBD reverting to Container businesses, and businesses got back to doing what they do best.

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These are some of the popular areas in New Zealand, but importantly wherever you go the best practices of web design are always observed! For those reading this list wondering why their hometown or chosen location wasn’t listed, don’t fret. We argued over the main places and the criteria to choose from. The truth is New Zealand is a country made of beautiful locations.

So what are the web design best practices?

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Conveying Your Business Brand

It is important for the design to convey its company’s brand consistently from its logo, vision, mission, and the overall look and feel of the site. Every color and symbol used by the company must align with its brand and personality. All these collectively provide a message to potential customers.

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Clear Calls to Action (CTA)

An efficient web design must have clear calls to action in the right areas. Calls to action are those that prompt the users to act on the conveyed message in a positive way. These must be highly visible and with the size and colours that still align with the company’s branding initiatives. Having clear, simple, and consistent CTAs is crucial to ease navigation and to increase sales.

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Ranking on Google and Other Search Engines

Search engine optimisation services are integral to web design. A visually appealing website is useless if it is not optimised. Every page of the website has to be optimised with the right keywords. For what good is a beautiful site if it is not visible to your targeted audience? Studies revealed that site visitors primarily check on the first page of the search results, and they rarely go to the next page for their search queries. Without SEO, your business site will not land on the first page.

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Lead Generation

Through SEO which must be integrated with web design, the site will be optimised for lead generation. The lead generation process begins with clicking on the CTA which will lead the user to a landing page which will collect their contact details. Users can then be updated on the company’s launches, promos, events, and of course have their query answered, collectively increasing the chances of them purchasing from the site.

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Increasing Sales

The ultimate result of effective web design is to increase sales. When the company’s web design has incorporated SEO, CTA, and lead generation, the website is technically designed to increase sales. The rule of thumb is to ensure that the site offers value and is appealing to the audience.

Wherever you may be in New Zealand, if you entrust your web design needs to, you can be assured that all these best practices are observed and your site is designed for success.

And as for where we are based. Whangarei. Just north of Auckland, a hop skip and a jump to over 100 beautiful beaches within the 30minute radius.

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