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Web design involves planning, conceptualising, and implementing content designed for an online environment. The modern concept of web design has gone beyond what is visually appealing; it is about what functions.

Website design requires consideration of both the look and function of the site. The visual and functional elements of the site are crucial for performance measurement, regardless of the manner in which it is measured.

Website design involves visual elements which are as follows:

Text/Written Copy

The overall look of the site must match with its text or copy. It’s better for the web designer and content creator to work together to produce a powerful site design.


The choice of colours is one of the most significant elements in web design. When it comes to the psychology of colours, misconceptions abound. What’s most crucial is to choose colours that align with the company’s brand and message to its potential clients.


The arrangement of the website’s content will have an impact on the appearance and functionality of the site. There are certain principles to adhere to.


Every element on the site has space vis-a-vis the other elements, between images, paragraphs, and even the fonts. The golden rule is that too much space is better than a cramped layout. Here at 1768degrees we are aware of the white space element.

Images and Icons

One of the surefire ways to communicate well through web design is with the use of powerful images and icons.


Web designers have increasingly been using videos. Videos give users an experience that can’t be offered by text and images. Making sure that the video will not distract and compete with the content is a crucial balancing act.

Web design also involves functional elements, which are as follows:


Navigation is a major site design element which is what determines if the site works. This aids first-time users to discover what the site is all about and what the offerings are while the returning users will be guided on the specific sections they want to visit.


Site visitors have various ways of interacting with the site depending on the type of device they use. The best site design gives users the impression that they are in total control.


No user wants a slow website. The site has to load within a reasonable time, must perform in search, and accomplish the goals of the user. We utilise Google’s cloud platform for our hosting as well as optimising the sites load speed.

Best Website Design.

The best websites have to keep with the best principles of website design such as the following: keeping the consistency when it comes to branding, faster site loading time, observance of SEO practices, mobile responsive design, strong and clear call to actions, ease of site navigation, high-resolution images, and a sound colour scheme.

Implementing these concepts and best practices, within your marketing strategy can have a huge impact on the business’ success. Around 94 percent of online users mentioned website design as the main reason for a site to be rejected or accepted.

New Zealand Ecommerce Websites.

The major difference between an e-commerce site and an ordinary business or traditional site is the features that the site supports. An e-commerce site works much like a physical store. Users can purchase products, make delivery or shipping arrangements, and process payments on the same site without the need for human intervention.

There are several benefits of e-commerce sites. First of these is increased customer reach. An e-commerce site makes it possible for a business or company to be right in the palms of targeted customers. Users can also make a purchase right then and there.

The low start-up cost is another benefit. Entrepreneurs can set up an e-commerce site for only a fraction of the cost required for setting up a brick and mortar store.

By working with the right partners and website design team, an e-commerce site can be successfully set up in a matter of weeks. Once the site is up, marketing and customer management functions may be automated.

Another great benefit is the lack of time restrictions in running the business. With an e-commerce site, it is possible for entrepreneurs to earn while they sleep. Users can make a purchase, check on the products, and leave an inquiry on the e-commerce site 24/7.

Performance measurement, reports, and responses can be easily conducted. With the appropriate reporting tools attached to the site, information about your users, what they buy, what they don’t buy, what they like to look at, and others can all be collected. This information can be read weekly, monthly, daily, or even hourly. This makes it possible for business owners to optimise their products and prices with accurately timely information.

Responsive Web Design.

Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that the combination of design and development must be in response to the user’s behavior and environment basing this on their screen size, orientation, and choice of platform. There are three key features of responsive web design.
The site must have a flexible grid foundation. The images that will be integrated into the site design must also be flexible. And lastly, various views must be allowed in various contexts through media queries.

Most often the best solution for web design is to define the parameters for columns, spaces, and containers. This can be as flexible as any other design out there. This entails converting pixels into web layouts that make use of relative units of measurement.

Another feature of responsive design is the ability of images to move and scale within the flexible grid. It requires several technical strategies to ensure this as well as a good assessment of the use of images on the site.

Media queries may be perceived by many as the most exciting element of responsive web design. It enables web designers to create multiple layouts with the use of the same HTML documents through choosing serving stylesheets according to the user agent’s features such as the window size of the browser.

Design a Website.

Avoid website disasters by understanding the common mistakes that web designers can commit. Here are some of the biggest issues we get called in to support and fix when others mess up!

It would be best to present the pertinent business information right away on the site. Websites that are heavy with images, videos, and text and have too many things going on will take a long time to load and can be confusing to different site visitors.

The CTA is what commands users to do what you want them to do. It could be “Click here!” “Make a purchase,” “Download this,” and others. The visitors must know what they will get from doing the action or the information they need to provide.

It is important to choose carefully the fonts and images, as well as their placement on the site. White space must be used appropriately, and large blocks of text must be broken down into shorter paragraphs. Content has to be updated regularly as well or users might think the business closed down.

It’s crucial to include a contact page on the site. This will make it easy for users to find business contact details once they decide to make a purchase.

Web Design Agency.

Given the availability of online tools, entrepreneurs might think that there is no need for a web design agency. Certainly, nothing can beat the best benefits that a web design can offer. Here are some of them:

This means that you need not worry if your site will be crashing, breaking, or simply acting strange if you hire a web design agency to do the job. It may be easy to build a site of your own from scratch but problems may arise when errors occur.

A website agency can provide you with a custom site as opposed to the template-based sites which can be taken off the shelf by anybody. A custom site makes your business stand out from the competition. It is also aligned to the brand which makes it appealing to potential customers.

This means that it is accessible regardless of what browser and device are used.

With a professional website design company, you can expect your site to load fast since the site designers are highly knowledgeable of the right tools and plugins that can be implemented on the site. This will avoid making the site ultra-heavy to load.

Consult with Our Website Designer.

We are open to any ideas you may have, no matter how strange and outlandish you might think they are. We are aware of how important this site is for you and your business; and we make sure that from the start we are on the same page.

Coming up with engaging web design meeting your needs is a process which entails questions and lots of communication. It is our responsibility and duty to ask you questions and respond to our customers’ questions as well. This is done to make sure that you, the client will have the site you deserve. These are some of the elements that must be discussed before the web design process commences:

Most clients would want to know the advantages of having a custom site. A custom website and web design is more expensive than a template or theme. One of the major reasons for choosing a custom web design option, is that it typically leads to a better return on investment. A premade theme or template will have limitations which may impact on the functionality, look, and feel desired. With a theme of template, there is always a compromise.

It’s given that a customer wants to know how things will unfold in the design process. There are design companies that only involve the clients in the initial phase and the final phase. The problem is that as experience shows a lot of things could happen in between. Our process is inclusive. We get the customers involved from the planning phase, to the creative implementation, until the initial wireframes are available. We don’t set specific timeframes, considering that the business and the internet are volatile. There is no design without an approved and tested strategy, no development takes place without approval, and no site is launched without proper testing. The process is thorough and without any shortcuts. All these to ensure top quality design.

Changes are inevitable after the site is launched. We make sure that customers have easy access for editing and managing their websites through the aid of a highly reliable content management system. We also provide how to guides for their use.

We would love to give you an average completion time, but in all honesty it all depends on several factors which include the custom requirements sought or delays on the client’s end in feedback and content. Whilst some sites we can complete in a week, Web design for us is not to be rushed. We want the end result to be more income for your business.

We typically work on a fixed price basis. Once we know your requirements we offer a fixed quote. However without working with you to develop a brief, we cannot give a price. Custom designs have custom rates. We ensure that our customers achieve what they deserve. Whilst other web design companies might offer their customers lower rates just to close the deal, they typically offer lower value and without fixing the price, the cost soon escalates. We don’t over promise and under deliver. The rate we quote is what it takes to complete the website to the highest standard.

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