Web Design Fundamentals for NZ Entrepreneurs

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Web Design Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

For Auckland companies who need a website, particularly those that are not technical in nature finding the right Auckland web design company is a must.

In today’s world, it is imperative to have an online presence to any type of business that you own. This is why, regardless as to whether you are a start-up company or established traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business, you must be capable of choosing the most competent and reliable partner for your web design journey.

Here’s how to find your perfect Web Designer in Auckland:

The web professionals who you choose to work on your project ideally should have experience in the type of industry in which you operate. This first-hand experience will enable them to have a faster and better grasp of the business concept and fulfill more specific demands while they are at it. 

We at 1768degrees.com are proud to work across many industries. We may not always know your specific niche but will be upfront about this. What we do know is good design and what converts. If we haven’t worked in your industry we will be sure to ask lots of questions and equally map competitors of yours to see what works and why. Sometimes this approach can be better as it means you don’t get stuck in a rut. Any research and time figuring out your industry is our cost. We offer fixed price web design so you know you are getting the best results possible.

Before you give your concept the green light, you have to research, think, and analyse alongside the experts. Design companies that are reliable offer consultations with entrepreneurs for them to discuss their concept and ideas. Experienced developers may also conduct a market analysis for them to validate the scope and the consumer demand for the idea. This will make sure that the business has a future to look forward to, which makes the investment feasible.
The design company must be able to provide full-cycle development.

1768degrees,com offer a no obligation consultation either in person or via tele-conference. We will walk you through the process and proudly will advise you against work (even if this means we lose business) if we do not believe it will add value to yours.

An Auckland Web design firm with highly trained and qualified professionals can complete each phase of the site, software program, or app creation. This means that the output is a product that is ready to be launched and used immediately. It is also crucial to have all the services in one place. This will save you a lot of money. It is also easy to monitor, consult, and supervise the concept implementation, production, as well as testing in one place. Once the site is up and there are glitches, the business can always consult with the same team for technical support and queries.

1768degrees.com do exactly this. We are a family. We don’t as of yet do app creation but design and build, SEO and Content creation can all be completed under one roof. So if in the unlikely event you don’t rank, the buck stops with us.

This is also one way to find out if they have undertaken similar work for businesses such as yours in the past. It is also a great way to find out if what they do suits your taste and matches your requirements for the site. It also follows that you choose a designer who has experience in designing for the platform or CMS you choose to achieve your company goals. You have to be aware that some platforms are open source while some are template-based. 

We go one stage further at 1768degrees.com – We like to push the envelope. We probably will make the envelope into a paper aeroplane, just to watch it soar! We undertake homepage design mockups so you can see our vision for your business. This is, we believe the best way to ensure you get the site of your dreams, not your nightmares.

From the get-go, you have to be aware that the cost of the web design depends on the project requirements, which include the level of intricacy of the design, special features, and the number of web pages. A brochure-style site is cheaper compared to an e-commerce site. It’s easy to find designers within the $500 range but you may need to sacrifice the quality of your site. 

We don’t seek to compete on price. We build to a minimum quality. We would rather decline work than compromise our standards. We believe sites should be built to rank highly on Google. When we get asked to build a site cheaply and certain aspects don’t matter, our hearts sink. You wouldn’t ask a painter or plumber to do an average job – so why do that with your web design partner?

Before you hire a site designer or developer, make sure that they will sign over the intellectual property rights of the site to your company. It is crucial for you to know this upfront since not having the IPR to your site and its contents may cause problems later when you decide to sell your site. Consider it a red flag when the designer you choose declines to sign.

It seems strange but some web designers and web agencies try to tie you in forever. Whilst we have contract periods, we at 1768degrees.com believe a site if paid for upfront (not a monthly Software as a Service model) should be the company whose paid for it. Its that simple. We require a minimum hosting period on all our sites, but this is because we want to work with clients who want to build a long term relationship with us, not use us then leave us.

Before you seal the deal with a website designer or developer, ask first if they can complete the project within the timeframe you want. Just be sure that you are certain on the scope of the deliverables, the types of changes you can request, what are needed from you to complete the project, and the timeline for the output to be produced.

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These are some tips to consider when looking for a website design company. However, most people have common questions about the process. Here are some of the most important ones:

Your choice of domain name depends on how you intend to use it. It makes sense if you choose a name that is easy to utter, catchy, and easy to recall. It has to be simple and not confusing. That also means it has to be easy to spell.

You have to look for a company that keeps in mind the principles of SEO when they create the site. Their designs must comply with search engine optimisation guidelines. The company must also offer to evaluate the site regularly since search engines may change its rules and algorithms which will affect your site ranking and visibility. Doing the regular site maintenance ensures that your site is compliant with new rules and algorithms and updated.

We only build and host based on the best practice principles of SEO. We do not cut corners as SEO is the foundation of all our websites and web design.

With consultations for every phase of the project, it rarely happens that a reliable company would be able to develop a site that is not to your liking. However, if this happens, the web design company you hire should be willing to work with you further to come up with a fresh design. It’s the firm’s goal to develop a site that would make the clients happy and satisfied. Or, this is certainly the approach of 1768degrees.com!

You can negotiate with the web designer to include a content management system (CMS) on your site. Through the CMS, you can update the site as often as you want. Not all aspects of a site will be necessarily able to be updated through a CMS system.

Due to the fact that we hard code elements to meet Google and SEO practices, as well as not wanting our clients to upload images not optimised for their website (top tip – High res 4k files are not needed on your website) – there are elements we don’t allow access to our clients to update. We are proud to offer hosting packages with a fixed number of hours included to ensure you can leave your website to the professionals and get on with running your business.

Flash animation can be used when it is required. It can be an asset or a liability to your site. Nonetheless, it is most suitable for small banners, demonstrations, and advertisements. 

At 1768degrees.com we wont create elements using flash animation. There are other ways to animate elements without using flash. Same outcome, better SEO. Google has identified flash animation as a high risk element and so you wont find flash on our sites – Sorry Gordon. 

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