What to Do and Not to Do When It Comes to Web Design NZ

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It takes more than just technological know-how to design a website. In the first place, web designing in itself is art. From the act of selecting the right palette to use for your site to making sure that it’s easy to go from one webpage to another on the site, it requires a single track focus and attention to every little detail; that leads to strong website design. 

Shopping for excellent website design is not a walk in the park. You really need the professional help of a web design company to do a great job, but like all things, not all web design agencies are equal. A fabulously designed website is a grand investment for any business. Come to think of it; about 38 percent of users say they wouldn’t like to explore a site if it is not appealing to them. So, whilst good web design costs, it is an investment in your business and acts as your digital window to the big world that’s out there!

If you are just about to create a site (or redesign an existing one) by yourself, you need to be familiar with the dos and don’ts of website design. Here are those you just can’t shrug off, but if you get stuck we at 1768degrees.com are here to help.

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Do set your mind on the interface.

The user interface (or graphical interface) alone has the ability to make or break your site. Any internet user will be able to judge your site in under five seconds by merely looking at its interface. Simply put, this is how it looks. The user interface can lure in a user to your site in the same way that it can turn passive visitors into buyers or customers. That’s why it’s crucial for your site to have an engaging and highly efficient user interface. For benchmarking, you may check on as many successful sites as you can and observe the smallest details of each one, never forgetting on the goal of having a consistent and user-friendly design.

The user interface is the name we call our game. We have faith in Steve Jobs’s idea of making the machine more user friendly through a great user interface.

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don't clutter your layout.

You must have seen sites that have nothing but boxes in them, and they are not even arranged. It’s likely that you and any other site user would think of it as cringe-worthy. It’s probable that you won’t spend another second on that given site. That site is an example of a site with a cluttered layout. It is confusing, and the user is most likely to get lost, the very minute it lands on the home page. There is no clear direction on where to go from there or what the site owner is telling him or her to do. A professionally designed site would guide the user to go where he or she has to be.

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Do use colour combinations that improve the site content

The colours of the site must complement the content and exude the personality and brand of the business, considering as well the delight and pleasure of the users. Colours can indeed all of that and more. Stay away from picking just random colours that you like. Always keep in mind the brand and the impact on the users. Leave the colour combinations to the professionals such as a web design firm, but if you are going it alone google ‘Colour Wheel’ to see what colours go well. Alternatively, you may try using an automatic color scheme generator.

“We know how to play with colous since we believe that design without colours is nothing but a blank sheet.” 1768degrees.com

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don't let them wait.

You may ask any site user about what makes him or her irritated when browsing a site. A common if not expected answer is the site’s loading time. Reportedly, 47 percent of users expect that a web page would load in two seconds or less. Loading time is immensely important to the success of any site. If the site takes a while to load, site visitors will certainly end up browsing the site of your competitors instead. The speed of loading time must be a top priority for your site design. This will also help you win Google’s favour and give you a higher rank in search engine results. Hence, don’t let your site visitors wait. Let the site load right away. At 1768degrees.com we took page load times so seriously that whilst our hosting utilises in infrastructure of Google web servers, we made the decision to migrate all our sites from Singapore to Australia, following Google opening servers in this country. This saved a latency of 120ms. Incidentally, servers in Australia load as fast if not faster than servers here in New Zealand. 

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We are just an email away, reach out to webdesign@1768degrees.com and let’s get your website started!

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Do test your site for functionality and responsiveness.

It’s a good thing to make sure that your site looks appealing on any mobile device, but it’s another thing to make sure that it functions. Give all the mobile users the tools that they can to explore the site. These tools include product search, service details, store or branch locators. If you can take advantage of these opportunities, you will be able to find customers even from those who rarely have time to shop. Google expects websites to be built from a mobile first perspective. So ignore at your peril.  

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Don’t forget to test the site.

Once the site design is done, you have to test if everything’s working. You have to use multiple devices for you to access and navigate the site. Try to see if it is functioning as expected or if there are glitches. The three major factors that affect a user’s experience are the location, the net browser, and the device type. You can think and try to recreate various scenarios for you to catch bugs or any performance issues before the users do. 

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Do make ‘scanning’ of the site easy for the user.

As an active web user, you know by heart that no person often reads everything written on the site. What users often do is throw a cursory glance or in layman’s terms, they scan the page and move to the next section, if they find it interesting. A user who knows what he or she is looking for would scan the site until they get what they want. The site design has to make it easy and fast for the user to do this. This is why it’s crucial for any business to choose a web design company that knows what works with most users.  

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Don’t underestimate the impact of convention.

Users are accustomed to certain formats and structures that are found on the web. With this familiarity, it’s easier for the brain to absorb content and decide on things. The site must be able to voluntarily inform the user what the business is all about and not make them act like they have to investigate the company. It’s through some traditional formats and elements that help make the site user understand the site at a glance.  

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