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Web Design NZ: How much does a Website Cost?

Having a decent and functional website shouldn’t cost your business an arm and a leg. The financial cost however of a cheap website also comes with a significant ongoing cost, limiting your businesses growth. So choose wisely.

The cost of having a website done relies heavily on your specifications and your goals – what do you want to gain from your website?.

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to pricing websites – but whatever you do seek to understand what you need Vs what you want, or at least get onboard a good web design agency who will help guide you!

But can you actually build one without spending too much?

You can build a website on your own. There is a lot of software available where you can build a page and put some content together. But will it look impressive? Will it get the job done? Do you have time to learn the software?

More often than not, having a great and functional website is not solely reliant on the tools you use, but on the skills and experience you possess (or that of the web development team at your disposal). There are some things you cannot simply learn overnight. And there are some programming hurdles, design and coding challenges that require the skill sets of seasoned web professionals.

The more complicated your website, the more it drives up the cost.

Here are some things that you need to consider in estimating the cost of your website design.

The graphics (site design and layout) and the images on your website are the foundations of a website. The cost of your site’s imagery for your website may account for just a small portion of the total cost of the web design, you might even have in house images and not require stock images, but having a fully designed and optimised site can cost thousands.

Copywriting is the writing of promotional articles and text for your website. You can save some money by writing them yourself, but entrusting your copywriting to your website design agent will bring positive benefits to your websites as they (should) specialise in creating and writing articles that encourage your target clients to know more about your product or service. Writing content is an art, it needs to be engaging and persuasive. In addition to this it needs to have been appropriately researched to include the keywords and phrases your potential customers are searching for.

Having a search-engine-optimised website will make your business the best among the rest as your site will show up at the top of the search results (SERPs) While most web designers do very little search engine optimisation for their customers, you might want to add the cost of optimising your website for search engines to your total website design bill – as without this, how will customers find you?

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Lowering your web design cost

The cost of your website design depends on your preparedness and your available resources. If you come to your website designer unprepared, then you should expect that your website will cost more. It is important to determine how many pages you may need, the colours, example layouts and designs you like, and of course the ability to provide quality text and graphics for your website. 

Always remember that you should not just walk in a web design office and just tell the people what you expect your website to look or have. The best websites are done in a collaborative and communicative environment. As a business owner, you should be open to ideas such as digital strategies and industry trends. After all, this is part of the service being provided. If you find yourself with a digital agency that is merely tick boxing your requirements – Run.

When selecting the perfect web designer for your website, you should also consider some other things like copyright ownership and other web services that they might offer like web hosting, support, maintenance, and internet marketing. You should also remember that you will be working with your web designer for a long time, so it is important to start and maintain a strong long-term relationship with them. This will help you feel confident about your brand’s vision. More importantly, if you need something in the future, you have a web team that you can trust.

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