Web Design & SEO Whangarei: What You Should Let Your Web Agency Know

Web Design & SEO Whangarei: What You Should Let Your Web Agency Know

When meeting with your new web agency there are important things you should get in order and ideally have to hand. It’s always best to let anyone you plan to work with to know your style and brand guidelines, it avoids costly mistakes and lost time.

Your company's style guide and identity kit, if you have one.

This includes your brand's official colors which may include a Pantone guide, a high resolution file of your brand logo which should include all the official fonts. If you don't have any of these and only have an old sketch or a print out of your logo, then maybe you could commission the creative agency to make you one. This is something you can use in the entirety of your business operations, not just for web, but also for marketing, signage and print collaterals.

Basic company information.

The web agency will need some basic materials from you such as company history, team profile, product inventory, product photos and all the things you may want to be featured in your website. If you don’t have anything ready, then they can write the content for you, in such a way that it’s appealing to your target audience. But still you have to provide information about your company’s history.

Hosting provider, password and details.

They would need access to this to work on your website. If you have no existing hosting provider, web agencies have one that comes with the web design package.

You need to get these things ready for a seamless workflow, so people don’t need to go back and forth emailing each other for these basic requirements.

What to Discuss with your Web Agency

During the meeting, you will need to discuss in detail, your brand and the industry you’re in, so you can both get a lock on the keywords you want to target. 

Any good SEO specialist will undertake the task of getting to know all your known and potential competitors. But it’s good if you come with this information as well, as you KNOW your competitors first hand.

What you can outline about your competitors:

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Your strengths.

What you do better than them as a brand or service.

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Their weaknesses.

The obvious faults and shortcomings in their services.

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Geographical areas they serve.

You know you can reach the same group of receptive buyers near address-specific locations in your area.

You can expect your web agency to do a comparative keyword analysis between you and your biggest competitor. This is useful as this will give you an idea what keywords your brand rival is using to drive traffic. You may choose to aim for the same set of keywords, or venture out using keywords your competitor hasn’t thought of tapping. This can open new markets for you, and surprisingly, you might even be the first one to get into that category.

Building your website need not be daunting, but it’s important to communicate all your needs clearly in the initial planning stage of your web development, and this includes strategic planning of your SEO approach and the technical development of your website. If you’re a regional brand reaching into the local market of Whangarei we can help you ease your brand to create an authentic local presence.

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