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Bespoke Web Design Services Christchurch

A bespoke web design is not only important for any business that’s just starting. It is also significant for any business that needs a little update. With a custom web design, it is easy for a business to stand out from its competitors.  

 When updating a site, the first step to take is to plan the strategy. Of course, this also means checking the site for elements that have to be upgraded apart from the content. Among these elements, the most commonly revised is the site’s visual appeal. This is important since a site that is without visual appeal is not credible to users. Another consideration is that different sites have different visual appeal. This makes it crucial to figure out what is visually appealing in your particular industry.  

However, some practices are more common in web redesign. One of these is to avoid the use of stock photos. Using stock photos can make any site look highly manufactured, making the site less credible and appealing. Instead, original images and videos will capture the users’ attention. 

 White space is also crucial not only as part of a minimal site design but in any site design. White space is equivalent to breathing space. Breaking up texts, images, ads, calls to action, and videos can give the users’ eyes sufficient rest. This is the principle behind Penguin’s simplicity and boldness. This works great with the large amount of white space provided on the site.  

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About Our SEO Services

If your business is new to search engine optimisation, will help you start by making sure that your site will be seen on various platforms that are relevant to your target audience. We will build your online presence starting from the ground. For us to be able to do this, we must come up with a solid SEO strategy. 

 When planning the SEO strategy, we start with producing a list of keywords. You must know that everything about SEO revolves around keywords. For keywords, we use Google Suggest and AHREFS. We choose around 10 keywords including long-tail ones and use other keyword tools for checking the competition and search volume for each keyword on the list. 

 After we come up with a list, we run each keyword on Google and analyse the first page of results. We look into the top ten results and look for patterns. This will lead us to the next step which is to create content that is different or better than those seen in the first page results.  

 Then backlinks must be added. Links from authority sites are always associated with first page Google rankings. This is why it’s crucial for us to find out why people link to specific content in your niche or industry. 

Top things to do

Christchurch is not only the largest city in New Zealand’s South Island but according to archeological evidence, the city was first inhabited in around 1250. It became a city by Royal Charter in 1856, which makes it the oldest established city in New Zealand. It was named after Christ Church in Oxford.  

  A Flight Tour of the City of the Harbour

This is the chance for you to discover Christchurch like no other, by flying over it. You will see the massive rebuild following the earthquakes. Then on your way back go over to Port Hills and Lyttleton Harbour to take in the dramatic view of the port and coastline. 

  Join the Hiking/Walking Tours in South Island

These hiking adventures organised by Adventure South NZ will take you to remote and wonderful places in New Zealand such as the Southern Alps, Ben Lomond Station, Hollyford, Humpridge, and Rakiura Tracks. You will also be mesmerized by the coastal beauty of Queen Charlotte, Abel Tasman, and Northland trails as well as the barren landscapes of the Tongariro Crossing. You can choose from the easy to the most challenging treks from the comfortable to the true-blue back-country style.

  Go on a River Tour Aboard a Punt

The city is charming with flat-bottomed punts gliding on the Avon River towards the city centre. You will find cycling paths on the river bank as well as the beautiful Hagley Park and Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

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