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Web Design Whangarei: Should You Hire a Web Agency or a Freelancer to Build your Website?

Web Design Whangarei: Should You Hire a Web Agency or a Freelancer to Build your Website? - young architects working on project in office 280x180 1 -

Before hiring someone to do your web design, it’s best to find out which kind of web experts can best fulfill your expectations.

Some companies go for a full-service web design agency while some choose to work with a web freelancer. Each web expert brings their own unique advantages to the table. We are not saying one is better than the other. We believe it all boils down to the kind of work ethic a freelancer or an agency cultivates.

It’s important to assess who can meet your needs and deliver on time before you commit to any long term business agreement.

Web Design Whangarei: Should You Hire a Web Agency or a Freelancer to Build your Website? - programmer working in a software developing -

Advantages of Working with a Web Design Agency

There’s a lot at stake for a web design agency when you hire them. For one, they are very keen about keeping their reputation up to standard. They are not industry bystanders to gloss over, web agencies mean serious business and are often under tight scrutiny by their own industry peers. In fact, they are like any other businesses out there, they pay their dues and taxes and they have to perform well to survive in their markets. Often web agencies like any other creative companies want to be known successfully in their chosen field.
Diverse Talent
Web Design agencies attract the best and highly skilled experts in the area. They employ various people to fill the roles within their web design process. They often aim to create an efficient and competent team that can provide the best service to their clients.
Customer Support
A web agency will troubleshoot any hurdles to your project by dedicating its resources to solve it. If a web designer can’t do the coding needed for your shopping cart, they’ll have one of their backend web developers take a look at it. They have experts on call. They (should) always have the best person for the job!
Web agencies are typically sticklers for project contracts and timeframes, they will want to move onto the next project, as such you can expect your website design project to get done within the agreed time.
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Advantages of Working with a Freelance Web Designer

Low-Cost Rates
Freelancers often work by their own rules and why not after all they are their own bosses. Rates can go by the hour or on a per-project basis much like an agency. Since they work independently, they have lower overheads and are are relatively cheaper than a web design agency. As your needs grow and changes happen, the overall cost of the project might not align with what you initially expected. But freelancers are flexible and it’s up to you to negotiate a compromise.
Not all freelancers have the same skill sets. Some web designers are not web developers. Yes, they both make websites, but both of them can build it in different ways. To align your expectations get to know what your freelancers is an expert at. More importantly, set a meeting to discuss the freelancers’ web design process. This will help clear the air on how they go about their work.
Set Expectations
Not all freelancers or web agencies are flakes, some are really good at their jobs and they manage to see the project through completion. There are rare ones who don’t have self-discipline or good time management skills. But of course, some aren’t up to standard. Any Agency may have a nice web design portfolio but actually suck at implementing workflows and submitting deliverables. So always challenge and question the agency.

Assess What You Need

A web design project can range from a basic 5-page website, a landing page or an e-commerce site. It can start off as a basic website that scales up to a complex project over time. To adapt better, it is great to partner with your choice of the above during the initial planning stages to set a solid groundwork for your site.

Why 1768degrees.com

We are a web design agency that has a significant number of resources to anticipate your needs before or as they arise. We put together a brief and quote on the brief. We offer a fixed price, so as long as the parameters of the brief don’t change (you go from a 5 page site to a full e-commerce site) then we wont charge you any more. Any work out of brief we will quote for and it’s your decision to proceed with the variation or not. We don’t agree with quoting by the hour for big or small projects where it can be avoided. We agree a price and then its up to us to make it happen. Watch out for others who will estimate a low price but bill on an hourly rate – its not in their interests to go fast as every hour is an extra hour of revenue. We have warned you!

Working with a freelancer(s) is not for the faint of hearted, you can end up hiring several freelancers to work on different parts of your site and those freelancers may not work well together. By contacting 1768degrees.com you wont have this problem or seeking to work out which of the freelancers broke an element of your site. We offer Accountability. If we break something fixing something else, its our responsibility to fix the element we have broken, in our own time. Not billable time. Isn’t your time better spent on other aspects of your business other than trying to figure out what you need, how to best execute it, design cues to convert visitors and of course a technically well built site that helps with organic indexing in search results?

In summary, the right thing is to first determine the scope of your project and the right kind of service provider who is the best match for your web design needs. We hope you will consider us at 1768degrees.com. If you were wondering where the name came from, its to do with the melting point of platinum.

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