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Whangarei is more than its natural wonders, many people call Whangarei home for good reason. Most fall hard for its enduring charm and friendly residents; you can say this is somewhat like love at first sight for travelers. Once at Whangarei, you wouldn’t think of simply leaving, that’s why most decide to lay roots here, find work and build a business.  

Whangarei has many profitable industries starting with its local  agriculture that’s mainly focused on fruit farming, dairy, gardening, and vineyards. But Whangarei presents many opportunities to thrive in local services, commerce, and trades as well, starting with automotive and marine businesses to retail and healthcare to real estate and even insurance. If you think about it, so many business possibilities abound.

But relying on the local population and the tourist season to bring in the profits might not be enough for most local businesses. If you need to expand your customer base two towns beyond, or even reach across the whole country, you’ll need a web presence that works in Whangarei. 

It is not unusual for many businesses to source tech services far out of town or the one closest to them. In fact, it is all the more impressive to find a web agency that’s homegrown and has a pulse on the Far North region.

1768degrees.com can provide you with digital solutions to help you with your website needs.

Empower your Whangarei Business with a New Website

Never underestimate the power and reach of a business website. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to any entrepreneur, business owner, or even a trade group. 

If you’re just starting out your shop in Whangarei, a great website can give you the initial boost to get known in the area. For long time businesses, a website can simply give you a competitive edge over other existing services. 

Your own Business Website vs. Social Media – which one has more impact?

‘I’m on Facebook, why bother?’ Yes, as a web agency, we hear that all the time.  

You might say why would my company even need a website when we already have active accounts on Facebook and Instagram? But here’s the thing about social media sites, you don’t have control over their rules and regulations. Big social media platforms can easily take away your privileges, your thousands of followers, and even shut down your social media profile entirely, and without much explanation as to why? And getting your social accounts reinstated will even take some time, and sometimes never, which can be very disappointing as you would need to start all over. So why would you rely your entire web presence on social media? That’s a huge gamble. 

With your own company website hosted on a secure server, you have full control; you make your own rules. No one is going to take down your website for no reason, as long as you’re updated on web service and maintenance fees. 

Also, a business website will always have a higher value and relevance in the search results compared to any social media page.

Why your Local Business needs a Website

Get the word out – your business in Whangarei deserves all the attention. 

According to the site Internet Live Stats, there are 1.95 billion websites on the internet. Is your business part of those huge numbers? 

Customers often search online for product reviews, recommendations, and even visit a company’s website for information before making any purchase. This makes it all the more important for your brand to have a digital presence. 

Don’t just rely on the word of mouth of friends, neighbors, relatives, and workmates to make your services known to the people in town- you can do better with a website. 

Gaining new leads and prospects are never out of reach, when they search for a Whangarei service your business name may be the first mention in the web searches. That kind of digital marketing mileage is worth its weight in gold, as being popular in the searches only means to increase sales through your business website. 

Here are the benefits of having a business website in Whangarei:

Quick Access and Easy Advertising

The perks of having your own web address or URL gives instant name recognition and access to users. For example, if your business is named Steve’s Catering Services, you may choose to have the domain name as stevescatering.co.nz or even well-targeted to your service area like Whangareicatering.com 


You have so many options when it comes to your website’s URL, and you can have several domains redirecting to the same company website which can clearly help boost your business. 

Save Money on Print and Promo Costs

Compared to spending money on print and promotional products, with a website you don’t need to give stuff away, all you need is to give customers your website’s URL and they can access everything they need to know about your business. 


Your website is available 24/7 which adds to a high response rate when it comes to customer inquiries. Better yet, you can edit and update your website’s content at any time. You can inform customers of upcoming promos, deals, and events. This is all possible without spending a huge amount of money on flyers, billboards, or branding merchandise. 

Save Time and Improve your Productivity

You don’t have to spend a great deal of your time doing repetitive tasks such as answering inquiries on the phone, explaining promos, or distributing coupons. Your website can do that for you. You can create a FAQ page for your product and services, and special downloadable files for your customers such as PDFs, coupons, and other useful freebies they can print out. Customers can simply visit your website to check any of your latest deals and offerings. 

Expand your Market

Expand your market throughout New Zealand, no need to limit business opportunities within the Far North particularly if you offer amazing products. With a website, your business is accessible from anywhere using any desktop computer or phone. 

Be Always Mobile Ready

When customers are out of their homes, they rely on their mobile phones for instant information.  Through simple browsing on their phone screens, a mobile-friendly website can lead customers to your business and your location within seconds.

Disseminate Business Updates

Even if your store or service moves into a location, your website won’t go anywhere. It will be at the same URL where your customers can find it, and you won’t lose touch with any of them.  

Customers will know through your website where your new shop is located. It can make any business transition to a new address easier without losing any customers in the process.

Establish Authority

A website can make your business credible particularly if it’s been online for a number of years. You can establish your business expertise by providing information and knowledge about your industry. More importantly, customers can easily contact your company and give you their feedback about your products and services. 

The internet is a pretty big place, and there’s enough space for everyone from everywhere even from growing areas like Whangarei. 

Excited to get your website done?

1768degrees.com is an NZ web agencand has created many websites for businesses in the Far North District of New Zealand particularly in Whangarei. 

If it’s about web design services in Whangarei, 1768degrees.com is on top of that list of reliable web development providers. 

We’ve built numerous  digital innovation projects for local companies enabling them to build momentum with their online brand. It’s not enough to just have a website, you need a website that knows what your users want, and brings them the best features of your products and services. 

What a website by 1768degrees.com can do for your business in Whangarei:

  • Increase sales and business opportunities. 
  • Interact with customers from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Get customer orders and appointments ready. 
  • Start effective digital marketing campaigns to generate new leads. 
  • Create responsive website that matters. 


We are a highly experienced web development team that can take on any web design challenge. We’ll sit down with you and share our ideas and technical expertise. Our goal is to make sure you’ll have an impressive website that’s tailored to your business needs.

What we can do for you: 

  • Business Logo Design and Brand Identity 
  • Web Design and Development 
  • SEO Services 
  • Content Creation 

At 1768degrees.com, we’ll take care of everything from the web design, framework to the daily automated backups, and site hosting. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a website that’s intuitive, easy-to-update daily, and looks great on all screens and devices. Everything a website in Whangarei needs. 

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