Working with a Reliable Website Agency in Whangarei

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An outdated website will not do your business any favours. A poor website will derail even the best digital marketing efforts. So before you start your next marketing campaign, check your website for broken links or badly designed and outdated site navigation. But all of this can be avoided, if you start your web build by working with a Whangarei web agency with the right skillsets; 

Beyond just having a beautifully designed website, you will also reap the rewards of having a strong online marketing presence.  

Whangarei companies cannot risk turning customers away. Not having an online presence may signal to customers that you’re not in business, and having one that’s outdated might give off the impression you aren’t with the times, selling dated goods or simply out of touch. Updating your web presence ensures your customers can access your site through their mobile or preferred device (inc tablets) and an intuitive navigation and website will also lead to increase sales. 

The Difference between Web Design and Web Development

You will often encounter these terms used interchangeably, sometimes during marketing meetings, but in a nutshell, they mean two different things: 

What the users will see on their screen is attributed to web design while its functionality and code, literally what’s under the hood, that’s referred to as web development. Both are equally important to achieve a successful website. 

Web design is meant to entice and sustain the interest of your users through aesthetic choices from colour, fonts, visual elements, and placement.  

In terms of functionality, customers should be able to go around the site and find what they’re looking for easily. A good website should be able to offer visitors choices and options on their next decisions with clear call-to-actions. 

A high-quality website is a worthwhile investment. The cost will always depend on your business needs – how extensive your website is, and how you want it to perform. But the cost can be pinned down during the planning stages. Here at we can offer a fixed price quote once understanding your needs.  

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An Affordable Whangarei Web Agency

Every project is different. Unlike other web agencies in Whangarei, here at 1768degrees.comwe’re very hands-on with our approach. You can rely on us to keep you updated on your site’s progress. Imatters to us that we get your web design needs right.

Need a business website in Whangarei?

Based here in the heart of Whangarei, on Rust Avenue we are delighted to meet you at your premises or for you to pop in and see us at ours. Drop us a line or have your web design questions answered – email us today or call us 0800 33 1768 

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