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Website Agency Whangarei: 5 Reasons to Upgrade your Website

Website Agency Whangarei: 5 Reasons to Upgrade your Website - upgrade 280x180 1 -

Today's internet is a far cry from the internet of the 90s.

Even then at its web infancy, websites were the best way to promote a new business, and that still holds true even today, even with other digital marketing avenues available like social media. Nothing beats a well-made website after all this social traffic needs to be directed somewhere.

By now though, understandably, if you’re running a business, you’d have a website. No credible business exists without one and expanding your business in today’s market means scaling up your website. You need to tailor your site content to suit your business needs and reach the right audience. In today’s world few businesses can be all things to all customers.

Your website may have been running for a year or several years. You might have experience migrating from one server to the next to ensure your enterprise is kept secure, mobile and functional.

But the question here is – is your website outdated and in dire need of an upgrade? Is Google penalising you and your ranking earnt over years is slipping? Here are some signs that you need to overhaul your current site:

Speed and Usability

Your customer will be sure to ditch your website if your site takes a long time to load. No one likes waiting - scarily even for a mere 3 seconds. On average, your site should load fast enough within 1.5 to 2.7 seconds across digital devices. Any longer than that affects your conversion and bounce rates. To quote a study made by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger, a total of 45 percent of consumers are less likely to visit a website again if they had an initial poor browsing experience.

Search Visibility Impacts Web Traffic

SEO is the key to ranking high in Google searches. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Let your website show up under the search categories important to your business. If your pages are not optimised then it’s a clear indication that it's time for a website upgrade.

Upgrade your Security

Protect your website from malware and other malicious attacks. An unsecured website compromises user data and passwords. Such attacks can crash your site and make any transaction risky for customers. Make sure to adopt measures such as using a HTTPS protocol and a SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. These measures encrypt the communication between server and browser. Help secure your site to stand up against these online threats. Great news here is that 1768degrees.com includes SSL certificates on all sites hosted and managed as standard.

Competing for Mobile

Most of the internet now is viewed via a mobile screen, and more purchases are made via mobile apps than ever before. In case you’ve been missing out on all things mobile. Screen viewing resolutions should be a priority to give your audience a better customer experience since most of the happy and receptive shoppers are on mobile during peak traffic hours. Train commutes, bus journeys, waiting in queues, we all reach for our mobile phones, but our patience wears thin on websites not designed for a mobile viewing experience.

Make Communication Easy

Make your contact details on your site obvious. You can have them on the header or scroll end of every page. Let customers know they can hit the Direct Message with you anytime via your social media pages, so make sure your social addresses are linked on your website. Customers can choose to like, share or follow your brand. Your call to action needs to be clear and on your contact page, you can have extensive details to address any user inquiries. If you are offering online retailing chatbots allowing customers to speak directly with you, much like they would in your store all increasing spend online.

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It’s very important to stand out from the crowd and reach more potential customers with a website that functions seamlessly on any digital platform.

Is it easy for your users to find your website on the web? If the answer is no, you need to do all the key steps outlined above to boost your website visibility.

Consult with us today.

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