Website Design Auckland and Whangarei: How Good Web Design Increases Website Traffic

Website Design Auckland
Website Design Auckland

Website Design Auckland and Whangarei: How Good Web Design Increases Website Traffic

When creating a website, a developer should think how to best get your website ranking highly in the Search Engine Result Pages. This does not mean however that web design can be ignored. Google constantly improves their search algorithms to provide the best results to their customers – searchers. These latest improvements have made site quality evaluation more human-like. This means that having an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional Auckland website can improve your SEO ranking and draw more traffic to your site.

Here are some things that you need to consider when evaluating your website’s design and determining how to ensure you get the best results.

Different colours lead to different reactions for customers. We as customers also expect certain sites to use particular colour palettes. As such colour plays an important factor in ensuring a websites success. Aside from making your website aesthetically pleasing, colours can also bring out the best from your target audience and make them more likely to interact on your website. 

How to know which colours will work best? To determine this, you must ensure you know who your target audience is first. This way, you get to know what would be the best colour that will make them react positively to your site. Your research must include gender, age, culture, and other factors.

Product videos can be very helpful to increase sales and customer conversions. The amount might differ from one company to another, but some have reported an increase of up to 144%. Business-to-business (B2B) and service-based companies can also make use of videos to highlight what they offer or differentiate them from their competitors.

Making your website easy to navigate also makes it easier for your visitors to get what they want. How your website is being navigated or explored has a bigger impact on the success or failure of your site compared to other factors. It also influences your traffic, search engine rankings, and user conversions.

With the increase of Smartphone users nowadays, it is important to have an eCommerce site optimised for mobile users. This way, you get to hang with the trend. Your eCommerce site must be responsive, meaning, you need your website to adapt to whatever size and shape of the screen of device being used to access it. Having a good and responsive website can also means being navigated easily.

Having a trust badge on your website signifies that the security of the customers when using the website is assured. These badges are no longer just seen at online checkout pages – all pages are now expected to have a SSL certificate.

Customers prefer just giving their most basic info to avail of your free services. When asking for information from your customers, make it simple. Your customer’s name, address, birth date, email address, or maybe their postal code would be considered too much by many..

A website will lead to a positive impact or success for any business. You need to ensure to improve it constantly, as search engines will be ever changing their algorithms and your customers’ needs and habits will evolve.


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