How Important Is Site Navigation to Website Design in Whangarei?

How Important Is Site Navigation to Website Design in Whangarei? - Landing page BUILDING YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE -

Site navigation is one of the most crucial elements of web design.

Yes, it is simply what it is, navigating around the site, or moving from one page to another. If your site does not allow for easy navigation, it won’t work for your business at all, no matter how visually appealing it can be.  

The navigation system of the site has to be transparent and organised since it will serve as a roadmap directing visitors towards different web pages and site information. Easy navigation on the site will enable your site visitors to explore and learn more about your products and services. With the ease of site access, there’s less chance for any visitor to leave the site. 


Good site navigation gives you good SEO results.

It’s through good site navigation that search engine bots can easily index your site when they start crawling the webpages. To put it simply, if your site has no navigational links, it will affect its usability. It’s not likely for the site to be indexed by search engines as well. If the site is not accessible by means of a link, then it won’t be found by search engines. 

Site navigation makes your site well organised.

Through navigation, your site becomes more organised. When you set up the primary and secondary navigation, internal links, and menu, it’s possible for you to ensure user experience that can keep people interested on your site. It all boils down to letting the site visitors find what they need with not much effort.  

Here’s what we think. A site is useless if it’s not organized and if it’s not easy to navigate. It’s not possible to put everything important on the website. The one-stop-shop concept does not apply to the home page alone.  

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Let people enter your site from different web pages.

Some site owners tend to commit the mistake of focusing the web design on the home page alone. The truth is that search engines may rank all the site’s web pages simultaneously. This means that site visitors may be able to access the site from other web pages aside from the home page. When good navigation is not ensured on the site, your site visitors may get stuck on a web page and find it difficult to explore the site more. 

Site users will become more responsive to call-to-actions.

With everything happening, a lot of businesses and companies are going downhill. To survive, owners really must be proactive to see how they can keep operating even in a time like this. 

Having a proactive mindset is crucial nowadays because we’re all struggling, and in a crisis like this, all we’ve got is each other. Eventually, when all of this ends, we’ll be back to doing the things we love.

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It can increase your site conversions.

The navigation design of the site can help enhance the conversion rate of the site. If navigating your site is confusing, frustrating, and failing in satisfying the needs of the site users, it would be impossible for you to achieve continuous conversions. That’s why when planning your site design and navigation, the focus must be on the needs and wants of your targeted customers. Are they meant for creative navigation design, or do they want simple?  

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It’s pretty important that you don’t forget about website navigation when you come up with web design. This will serve as your site visitor’s map or compass when they explore your site. Without it, they get lost. In the end, you will also lose them as potential customers.  

We at 1768Degrees make sure that won’t happen with any of our clients. We know so well, how a site has to be highly accessible. 

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