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Website Design Services Whangarei

Website Design Services Whangarei

Improve your business credibility by having a website online. Everything customers need to know about your company should be place there. Think of it as your digital business address.

Choose your Website Name Wisely

By now, when you introduce your company in public, people automatically assume your business name under a dotcom domain name or a country domain extension. For example: 1768degrees.com or nzherald.co.nz 

Always make sure your internet address or URL is easy to remember. Otherwise, you may have to undertake additional effort in social media and even traditional print media to make your company name known. 

To ensure recall, make sure your website address is not confusing, hard to spell or uses a lot of double consonants. Make the effort to be easy to find on the internet.

The Pages of your Website

Have you’ve given enough thought on your website structure? Commonly most sites start with 5 web pages – Home, About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us.

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The Home page

is your main page and the first thing the user will see about your site. The home page should clearly show what your site is about, but it should be interesting and engaging enough to have them hang around and check out the inner sub pages.


The Services and Products web pages

are often a detailed inventory of what you have to offer your customers which includes both process and price.


Contact Us page

informs everyone how to get in touch with you. This can either be a simple list of your offices or a contact form for the user to fill out.

Of course, as your business expands so will your web pages. Further on, you’ll be creating web pages for every kind of service you have or for each of your shop locations. 

If you venture further into ecommerce, then these 5 web pages of your business will surely bloom into the hundreds through the use of a dynamic shopping cart and checkout payment system. Some websites even become an enterprise on its own, sites like Facebook and Twitter for example. These sites have massive real-time networks in play to support all their users and profiles. They started out small as small start-ups, now they’re internet giants.

Social Media vs. Having your Own Website

Don’t be misled into complacency that having a business page or fan page on Facebook should suffice for your online presence. Just think about it, what happens if for some reason Facebook disables and removes your page due to a violation you had no control over? Such as trolls posting random explicit content in the comments area? You’ll be scrambling and negotiating to get your FB page back online to which there is no guarantee.

If you have your own website and hosting, you have direct control on your brand and online presence. Your brand has an authoritative platform to fall back on in case your social media profiles all disappear.

Another thing, the numbers say that 84% of customers believe that having an official website makes your company more credible compared to just having a social media page.

Let’s build you a website.

We specialise in website design services Whangarei.

Is your website looking a little retro? Like 2 years vintage? If it is, then it’s time for a shiny, functional upgrade. No need to shy away from giving your website address to new clients. We’ll future proof your website, we’ll make sure it’s built top-notched, versatile, visually-appealing to users and optimised for the search engines.

Got ideas on your website? Need a reliable web agency in Whangarei to build it for you? We’d love to hear about it, so why not drop us a line? Contact adam@1768Degrees.com


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