Choosing a Website Domain NZ For Your Business – 10 Awesome Tips!

Choosing a Website Domain NZ For Your Business - 10 Awesome Tips! - Choosing A Website Domain For Your Business 01 -

It’s a major decision to choose a domain name for the company. It is the foundation of your online identity. The company will suffer from a wrong domain name while the right one will catapult it to success. This is why it’s crucial for you to know the fundamentals of choosing the right domain name. 

The most popular and commonly used TLD is .com. People often associate .com with authority. This can be used to the company’s utmost benefit by creating a high-level brand through the use of the .com TLD. 

It’s best to pick up other TLDs like .nz, or domains NZ too when you register the .com domain name. These can be redirected to the .com site if ever the users inadvertently type the wrong domain.

Make the domain name as short as possible. This can help the brand to be more memorable and easier to share with friends. The golden rule is to aim for a domain name that has 6 to 14 characters.

The reason for this is that these will make the site look unprofessional and they are also hard to recall. It’s the same with the use of site shorteners. It’s also wise to stay away from numbers and dashes. Words that have multiple spellings may also confuse your site visitors. 

Buzzwords are not outright bad for as long as they have staying power. The problem is that some of the buzzwords may turn out to be awkward expressions in the future.

Before giving a final decision on a domain name, check first if it is linked to domain names that have a negative opinion. Perhaps the domain name contains a word that has a double meaning. Is it possible that a word or phrase in your domain name may have trademark issues?

Internet search has always been dependent on keywords and phrases in indexing sites. This strategy can be used when choosing a domain name. It’s best to brainstorm keywords that are relevant to the organisation.

If your business is focused on a particular geographic location, it would be best to include the location in the site’s domain name. This is less important now Google doesn’t use your domain name to reflect a location.

If ever you, unfortunately, end up with an unavailable domain name, you have the chance to append or modify it so that it’ll be unique for registration.

It’s a must for the business owner to be the domain name owner and the administrative contact of the site. Don’t forget to renew the registration of your domain name. If you won’t be able to renew, someone else might buy it and you will lose access to it. 

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