Website Management NZ – 3 Reasons Why Good Hosting is Important

Website Management NZ - 3 Reasons Why Good Hosting is Important - POOR HOSTING AND ITS TRUE COST -
Website Management NZ - 3 Reasons Why Good Hosting is Important - POOR HOSTING AND ITS TRUE COST mobile -


Cheap hosting is always tempting, but doesn’t always guarantee the level of security or quality you want for your website 

Hosting is where you primarily set-up your website files online, and a good hosting provider can showcase your website to the world without fail. With cheap hosting providers, there are no guarantees on consistency, loading speeds, bandwidth issues and uptimes. 

Poor hosting can devalue your website in the long run. You’ll lose your precious hard-earned traffic and Google will penalise you in the Search Results.

If your site always down or slow, you’ll earn a reputation that your website is unreliable.

But why is hosting so important? 

Let’s go through some basics here: Web hosting is having your website files stored on a server and every activity that involves your website goes through that hosting server. Now the more people you have accessing information from your site, the more hard work your server needs to undertakeThis can happen particularly if you’ve just launched a digital campaign, and when you have the intent to go viral, you may not anticipate the level of traffic coming at you. The more complex your site, the more power needed from your servers and web hosting. 

Now if your hosting plan is pretty limited then your site’s reaction times may slow down, or it might even come to a complete stop. utilises Googles Servers and cloud infrastructure. Our team and partners, anticipate many issues, not just with site traffic, but with storage and security as well. We have the support network and infrastructure partners to keep your site live. 

But when it comes to poor hosting choices, it’s always a case of you get what you pay for. With websites that are on a tight budget, be mindful of subpar hosting services, and what the real cost if of missing out on that sale or lead. Your website’s performance is very much tied into the capability of your hosting (as mentioned before) this involves its capacity for storage, speed and security.  

Time and again, a server crash may happen, and the question here is how fast can your hosting bounce back? A good hosting service can recover almost immediately with a guaranteed back up of your data. Reality is you can only test the mettle of your web hosting service on how they handle such situations when it happens, whether it’s a sudden spike in traffic, a security issue or a power surge – how they fare when facing these problems will let you know if their hosting services are worth the money. 

Customer support and service is important. Are the team first to reach out to inform you that your site is down? If you spot it before them, are they actually prepared and proactive about such digital scenarios – even if you’re signed up on their most basic plan?

Best Hosting Services in New Zealand

With, our websites are hosted utilising the Google Cloud Infrastructureand supported by great customer service 

No matter what hosting package they’re on, you have our technical assistance when it matters the most. 

Knowing our hosting is top notch means there’s always room for your site to grow and expand. Do check out our hosting plans in great detail – 1768 Hosting Price Packages 

Get your website online – Our plans are packed with value, meaning you get the best environment for your website to flourish.  

Get in touch with us! Let’s talk about your hosting options in detail. Got some question about our hosting packages? Need some add-ons? We can prepare you a quote. 

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